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What is the number for Digicel operator?

What is the number for Digicel operator?

To speak with us in person simply dial 100 for mobile queries; 500 for Digicel+ queries, 600 for Business.

Is Digicel in Haiti?

Digicel is a Caribbean based mobile phone network and home entertainment provider operating in 33 markets across the Worldwide regions. Digicel has operated in several countries, including Guyana, Fiji, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Jamaica.

Does Digicel have a Whatsapp number?

Whatsapp now FREE! Sign up now for a Starter Plus Plan and get Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter without using your data bundle! Dial *143#*or *147# to activate.

How do I send a message to Digicel?

Click the “Login” button and wait for a message-entry screen to appear. Enter your recipient’s phone number in the appropriate field of the message screen and type a message of up to 160 characters in the message text box.

How do you activate a Digicel SIM card?

You will simply dial 555 to activate your new SIM. This is so it will be automatically activated on Digicel’s network and you can start using Digicel’s services right away.

How do I change my Digicel phone number?

If there is an existing user on the account that would like to have their number changed, a request can be submitted through your sales representative or submit a request here . A number change does not reset the contract.

Is Digicel Haiti GSM?

Today Digicel Haiti operates 2G GSM over 900 and 1800 MHz bands, and launched 3G UMTS with HSPA+ data in May 2013 over B1 (2100 MHz).

Who is Digicel owned by?

Denis O’Brien
Denis O’Brien founded Digicel in 2001 and has served as the company’s Chairman of the board since the company’s inception. Digicel is a Digital Operator, that under Denis’s leadership, gained its first 100,000 customers in just three months.

How do I get free calls on Digicel?

Dial USSD: *399# and get your “Free Night Pass” to get unlimited calls between 10pm – 5am.

How do you put a service on Digicel?

How to activate a plan using MyDigicel

  1. Select “Log In.”
  2. Enter your phone number in the space provided; Select “Continue.” A 4-digit code will be sent through SMS (text message).
  3. You will be logged in automatically.
  4. Select “Available Plan/Bundle”.
  5. Your plan has been successfully activated.
  6. Restart your device.

How do you write please call me?

The Please Call Me code is *126*PHONENUMBER#. For example, *126*8761234567#. A confirmation message will advise the request has been sent.

How do I send a please call me via SMS?

To send a Please Call Me dial *111*phone number# and press dial OR you can dial *123# and send your please call me. The person will receive an SMS letting them know you want to contact them.