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What is the OD of a 6 flange?

What is the OD of a 6 flange?


Nominal Pipe Size Outside Diameter of Flange Diameter or Bore
Slip-on Socket
5 10 5.66
6 11 6.72
8 13-1/2 8.72

What are the dimensional standards for flanges?

Diameters and bolt circles for standard ASME B16. 5 flanges – 1/4 to 24 inches – Class 150 to 2500.

Nominal Pipe Size NPS (inches) Class 150
Diameter of Flange (inches) Diameter of Bolt Holes (inches)
1/2 3-1/2 0.62
3/4 3-7/8 0.62
1 4-1/4 0.62

How do you size a pipe flange?

First, measuring the flange’s inside diameter, then across center of the flange and finally, the outside diameter.

  1. Step 1 – Start by measuring inside the flange by simply measuring the center hole.
  2. Step 2 – Measure across the center of the flange.
  3. Step 3 – Finally, measure around the outside diameter of the flange.

What kind of material does 6 Schedule 80 refer to?

PVC Flange
The 851-060 6″ Schedule 80 PVC Flange is made of durable, industry approved PVC material. These fittings are used in a variety of PVC applications around the world and are molded with a smooth interior wall resulting in less pressure loss and higher volume than conventional metal fittings.

What is nominal dia of flange?

The word nominal diameter refers to a pipe’s internal diameter. All measures of a piping board, together with the approximate pressure level and type rating, e. g. The flange measurements are specified according to the nominal diameter.

What is ANSI standard flange?

ANSI standard flange dimensions are designated as 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500, in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24. ANSI Class Flange Types. Regardless of size or specification, flanges are fundamentally designed to close, cover, connect, or support pipe systems.

How do I know what size flange I need?

To determine the best flange size for you, you’ll need to measure your nipple. Take a tape measure or ruler and measure the diameter, or width across, of your nipple in millimeters. Do not include measurements for your areola, the larger part around your nipple. Select your flange size based on your measurement.

How do you calculate flange?

How to calculate the weight of pipe flanges?

  1. Pipe flanges are used to connect pipe sections to other pipe sections, inline components, and equipment.
  2. 1.The materials used to construct a pipe flanges directly relate to the weight and the pressure it can handle.
  3. Pipe flanges volume=π/4*A1*A1-B1*B1-D1*C1*C1)*C(mm)

What is the id of 6 SCH 80 pipe?

SCH 80 Pipe 6″ ID X 6.625 OD.