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What is the pass rate for Functional Skills level 2?

What is the pass rate for Functional Skills level 2?

As it the end of the academic year, we will be looking at the pass rates for Functional Skills 2020-21….Functional Skills Pass Rates 2020/21.

Assessment First Time Pass Rate Overall Pass Rate
Maths Level 2 58.80% 45.2%
Reading Level 1 90.40% 72.3%
Reading Level 2 81.50% 65.8%
Writing Level 1 80.80% 64.2%

What is ICT Functional Skills level 2?

ICT Functional Skills Level 2 helps you develop the practical computer skills you need to flourish in the working environment and everyday life, and gain the nationally recognised qualification to prove it. Want to keep track of your business’s incomings and outgoings? You need to create a spreadsheet.

What is the pass mark for City and Guilds?

The Pass grade has a mark range of 9 (24 to 32), divided by the number of points values (3) = 3. Note that the range here refers to the number of marks that will result in a pass grade, in this case 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32.

How long does it take to complete Functional Skills level 2?

It can take as little as 1 week to complete your Functional Skills English Level 2 course and pass the test. Much quicker than GCSE English, especially if you have to wait 6 months to sit your GCSE English exams.

Is functional skills level 2 equal to GCSE?

Our functional skills qualifications are nationally recognised and are equivalent to the GCSE Level. A Level 1 qualification is equivalent to GCSE grade D-G. A Level 2 qualification is equivalent to GCSE grade A*-C.

Is functional skills level 2 Easy?

While Functional Skills Level 2 Maths and Functional Skills English are simpler and quicker to complete, their recognition as C/4 GCSE grade equivalents does mean you will be required to meet a certain level of subject proficiency to pass the Functional Skills exam.

Can I take Functional Skills exam online at home?

Now you can take the Functional Skills English Level 2 exams remotely. 2-months online Functional Skills English course covering all the levels. Fully-funded (FREE) Functional Skills English courses.

What is in the City&Guilds Functional Skills ICT Level 2?

City & Guilds Functional Skills ICT Level 2 past papers follow a very similar structure to most other ICT Functional Skills exams. The paper consists of two parts. The first part requires you to use the internet to search for information and use email to communicate.

What is the pass mark for Functional Skills ICT Level 2 exam?

All City & Guilds Functional Skills ICT Level 2 exams are 2 hours in length and a total of 50 marks are available. The pass mark is between 30-34 marks out of 50.

How can City&Guilds support you with your Functional Skills?

Paper based/delivered assessments available with just two weeks’ notice using our Named on Demand facility. City & Guilds has a wide range of digital learning resources to support English and maths learning in almost any context, including learners working towards Functional Skills qualifications.

Is Functional Skills ICT open to new registrations?

Functional Skills ICT (3748-03) remains open to new registrations. Learn how your learners can benefit from our digital credentials. Visit the digital credentials webpage for more information. The new Functional Skills qualifications are intended for anyone wishing to develop their maths and English.