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What is the smallest fixed bed caravan?

What is the smallest fixed bed caravan?

The Bailey Phoenix 440 is one of the smallest, lightest fixed-bed caravans you can buy.

Do go pods have toilets?

Every Go-Pod has a compact, flushable camping toilet that’s fully functional and space saving.

What is a pod caravan?

A pod camper trailer is defined as a small camper trailer that is capable of being towed by vehicles with a towing capacity under 2.5 tonne. A pod camper trailer usually has a queen bed inside the body along with storage, air vents, charging hubs, and in some cases a/c, a stereo, and a TV.

What caravans are under 750kg?

Lightweight Caravans Under 750kg

  • Freedom Caravans.
  • Freedom Jetstream Twin Sport.
  • Freedom Sunseeker.
  • Freedom Microlite Discovery LE.

Do go pods have hot water?

Adding a ‘Camping Shower Bundle’ provides total independence, consisting of a shower cubical tent (that can also double up as your toilet tent and a storage area for chairs, bikes etc), a powerful 12V shower unit that can be recharged form your Go-Pods power supply and a 10L water reservoir for holding any warm water.

What does ATM stand for in caravan?

Aggregate Trailer Mass
You must not exceed the tow ball mass capacity. Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) is the total mass of the trailer when carrying the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer. The ATM is generally measured with the caravan unhitched from your towing vehicle and resting on its jockey wheel.

Do you need a special license to pull a caravan?

There is no special caravan licence or trailer licence needed for towing; it all depends on how heavy the load is that you want to tow. If it is heavy, you may need to upgrade your licence by taking a driving test for the correct category. This depends on what category test you passed and when you passed it.

Can you stand up in a go-pod?

While with the bed made up, many leave no room for standing, dressing, using the loo etc – something not often considered but very important. Go-Pods offer a wonderful, large flat bed & a convenient standing area even with the bed is made up.

How many people can sleep in a go-pod?

two people
Go-Pods are 2 berth caravans, (which means they can fit two people in for sleeping), and are great for couples, or singles – and even people with pets! However, there is the option to sleep more too, within annex bedrooms that can be added to the awning that’s included with your purchase.

What is a tiny caravan?

Tiny caravans! Similar in size to teardrop caravans but with more convenience. Our pod caravans are little caravans that have 2 berths. Mini caravans that are like many other makes but at a fraction of the price. The going cockpit S is a Go-Pod and appeals to freedom seekers and caravanners. Also of other teardrop style camping pods.

What is the best small caravan on the market?

Go-Pods outstanding design, makes this compact micro-tourer caravan modern, comfortable and practical. We believe that our Go-Pods micro-tourer caravan is the best small caravan on the market today. The build quality of this compact, lightweight caravan is excellent & durable.

How many axles does a small caravan have?

They typically have one axle and one set of wheels. They have a sleeping area for two to four people and a small kitchen area, and some small caravans found on eBay have portable toilets. What is the difference between a micro caravan and a foldable or pop-up caravan?

What are the different types of caravans?

Small 2 berth caravans. Teardrop Caravans. Mini Caravans. Best smal caravan. Glamping. Pod Caravans. Teardrop Trailer Tent. Going II Cockpit S caravan. Get Away With Go-Pods . . . The perfect blend between camping & caravanning. Click on the points shown on the image below, to find out more about the Go-Pod.