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What is the story behind Waltz of the Flowers?

What is the story behind Waltz of the Flowers?

The young girl, named Clara, is gifted a magical nutcracker in the costume of a soldier for Christmas. Clara comes to the aid of the nutcracker in his explosive battle with the army of mice. For her help she is rewarded with a prince who takes her into his kingdom of sweet and other scrummy delights.

What movies has Waltz of the Flowers been in?

Fantasia (1940) As well as mop-wielding Mickey Mouse, Disney’s feature-length cartoon has a gorgeously animated section devoted to The Nutcracker, including music from the Sugar-Plum Fairy, the Arabian Dance, the Russian Trepak and the Waltz of the Flowers.

What of the flower from The Nutcracker Suite?

The “Waltz of the Flowers” (1892) is a piece of orchestral music from the second act of The Nutcracker, a ballet composed by Tchaikovsky.

What emotion does the Waltz of the Flowers evoke?

The dance if called “waltz of the flowers” and you would probably be thinking of a sort of summery outfits and in this ballet the dancers are wearing flowy dresses that would kind of make me think of flowers and summer. The music makes me feel happy and joyful.

Is Waltz of the Flowers in The Nutcracker?

The Waltz of the Flowers comes from the second act of the evergreen ballet The Nutcracker, which was first seen at the Mariinsky Theater two years later.

Is Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite polyphony?

Is Waltz of the Flowers polyphony? The texture is Polyphonic.

What did Tchaikovsky think of The Nutcracker?

FAITH LAPIDUS: Tchaikovsky did not much like the ballet or story of “The Nutcracker.” He reportedly wrote to a friend that the music he was writing was far worse than the music for his earlier ballet, “The Sleeping Beauty.” Many of the people watching “The Nutcracker” that night did not like the ballet either and …

Why is The Nutcracker so good?

It’s the juvenile warmth of the excited children in the party scene. It’s the familiarity of the whole production, even if you’re just seeing it for the first time. It’s the ballet’s ability to reach out and touch a part of you that triggers a warm holiday memory — that’s The Nutcracker.

What is the time signature of the given piece of waltz of the flower?

Listen out for: The different time signatures (beats in a bar) in each piece. The Trepak dance uses 2/4 (two beats in a bar) and the Waltz of the Flowers uses 3/4. This means it has three beats per bar and gives the waltz its distinct ‘oom pah pah’ feel.

What style of music is the waltz of the flowers?

Classical music
Tchaikovsky, Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker – Classical music inspired…

What is the texture of waltz of the flower?

The texture is Polyphonic. The ‘Flowers Waltz’ vacillates between the tonic and the relative minor.