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What is the strongest meteor smash?

What is the strongest meteor smash?

Ganondorf’s down aerial

Rank Character/Meteor smash Knockback Scaling
1. Ganondorf’s down aerial 57.17
2. Ike’s down aerial 42.82
3. Ganondorf’s Wizard’s Foot* (aerial) 40.43
4. Ike’s down tilt 38.04

Who is the best Super Smash Bros Melee?

Tiers for Super Smash Bros. Melee

# Character Score
1 Fox 174.0
2 Falco 172.3
3 Sheik 172.0
4 Marth 164.9

What counts as a meteor smash?

A meteor smash is a type of attack in the. Super Smash Bros. series that strikes opponents downwards, as opposed to horizontally or vertically like most attacks. Meteor smashes are primarily designed to KO or gimp recovering opponents at especially low damages.

Who has the easiest meteor smash?

One of the easier to land meteor smashes. Thunder – Meteor smashes airborne opponents if the lightning lands a hit in the first few frames after emerging from the cloud.

How do you cancel meteor melee?

Meteor canceling is the act of instantly negating the downwards knockback of a meteor smash by jumping or using an up special after being hit. In Super Smash Bros.

Who is the goat of Melee?

Mango is often seen as the most influential and recognizable Melee player, as he popularized a highly aggressive and read-based style of play with his space animals, which made him a fan favorite at tournaments, and he boasts the largest Twitch following out of any Melee player; he is often regarded as the “protagonist …

Does Kirby down B Spike?

Yes, his down air is easy to spike with, but I think you’re better off RARing off the edge, and then grabbing it. It works though.

Does Sephiroth have a meteor smash?

SephirothEdit Down aerial – A stall-then-fall motion that meteor smashes for the first few frames of Sephiroth’s descent.

Can you l-cancel with R?

L-canceling in Melee is performed by pressing L, R, or Z up to 7 frames before landing. Doing so causes the aerial attack’s landing animation to play at double speed, cutting the lag time in half (rounded down).