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What is the use of CSI safe?

What is the use of CSI safe?

CSI SAFE (Slab Analysis by the Finite Element Method) is the best tool for designing concrete slabs and foundations by the Computer and Structures, Inc. SAFE provide easiness to engineer towards the safe design of structures with powerful tools like draw, analyze, design and detailing etc.

How do you draw a design strip in safe?

On the SAFE screen interface, Go to Draw>Draw Design Strips or click the Design Strips icon on the left side of the screen. The “Draw Design Strips” form will appear as shown on the image on the left side below. In this form we can assign the parameters we are defining.

What is stiff slab in safe?

What is the “Stiff” slab type? Answer: In real structures, there is an extremely stiff region within the connections which join columns and walls to slabs. The “Stiff” elements are stiff area elements in which the software amplifies moment of inertia by 100 times to capture the increased stiffness of these connections.

How do you draw a safe drop panel?

ANSWER: When adding drop panels to columns, select Draw > Draw Slab Areas, then draw the areas with the drop-panel properties and dimensions as necessary. Automatic drop panels created through column definitions are not effective when slabs are meshed around columns.

What is stiff in CSI safe?

What is pattern loading?

A load pattern is the spatial distribution of a specific set of forces, displacements, temperatures, and other effects which act on a structure. Any combination of joints and elements may be subjected to loading and kinematic conditions. Each load pattern is assigned a design type (DEAD, WIND, QUAKE, etc.)

What is strip in slab?

Design Strips are used to create regions within a slab where design cuts will automatically be created and flexural reinforcing bars will designed. If the moment varies along the length of a Design Strip then the individual design cuts will show a varying amount of moment demand at each section.

What are drop panels?

A drop panel is a projection below the slab used to reduce the amount of negative reinforcement over a column or the minimum required slab thickness, and to increase the slab shear strength.