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What kind of vault did McKayla Maroney do?

What kind of vault did McKayla Maroney do?

McKayla Maroney dominates in team vault at the London Olympics in 2012, putting forth a near-perfect vault.

What did McKayla Maroney score on her vault?

In the vault final, Maroney won a silver medal with a score of 15.083.

Who beat McKayla Maroney on vault in 2012?

Instead, it was Romania’s Sandra Izbașa, whose vault score in the team competition was only tied for eighth highest of the 24 gymnasts who performed on the vault in that competition, winning the gold medal in the event, with Maroney close behind her and winning the silver medal despite the fact that she dominated the …

Did McKayla Maroney get gold on vault?

McKayla Maroney earned a team gymnastics gold medal at the London Olympics, but she became a meme after her silver-medal performance. The U.S. gymnast inadvertently turned social media sensation — “McKayla is not impressed” — with a face she made after receiving her vault silver medal.

Why did McKayla make that face?

While receiving her silver medal, Maroney made a face that seemed to convey that she was not having it.

What is McKayla Maroney doing now?

What is Maroney doing now? Turn on the TV during the Olympics and you’re likely to see Maroney flipping across your screen — just not on the competition mat in Tokyo. She’s starring in a series of Geico commercials in her old Team USA leotard. She’s also working on a singing career.

Why is McKayla Maroney so good at vault?

The process of opening up her arms is what makes the twisting stop. One thing that makes Maroney’s vault so incredible is when she kicks out, her body is still at table height (many gymnasts don’t finish their twists until they are just about to land).

What were the deductions on McKayla Maroney’s vault?

Maroney’s vault attempt in the team final was basically perfect, although the judges somehow managed to deduct 0.267 points from her score.

What did Larry Nassar do to makayla?

She is one of hundreds of athletes who was sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, who is now serving life in prison. She said he molested her at one of her first training camps for the national team.

What was Dr Larry Nassar doing?

In January 2018, Nassar was jailed for up to 175 years in jail after he was convicted of sexually assaulting scores of young women. He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 125 girls and women between 1998 and 2015. The number of alleged victims who have come forward exceeds 250.