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What Mos are offering bonuses?

What Mos are offering bonuses?

Bonuses: Earning extra money

  • infantryman (11x)
  • Fire Control Specialist (13J)
  • Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember (14P)
  • special forces candidate (18x)
  • Signals Intelligence Voice Interceptor (35P)
  • Psychological Operations Specialist (37F)

What is the average enlistment bonus for Army?

For the first time in its history, the U.S. Army is offering its largest bonus ever for new recruits who commit to six years of service — $50,000. Up until now, the Army has offered a maximum bonus for new recruits of $40,000.

Do I get a bonus for 2 years in the Army?

The Army is offering two-year contracts and cash bonuses to grow the Army. The Army is offering bonuses worth up to $40,000 or enlistment contracts as short as two years as it tries to recruit 6,000 more soldiers this year than it had planned.

Are enlistment bonuses lump sum?

Enlistment bonuses totaling less than $10,000 are paid in one lump sum upon successful completion of initial entry training. If a prior service member qualifies for re-enlistment with a certain set of skills the military needs, he/she could qualify for a bonus if they join for a new enlistment contract.

Does the Army have a 3 year enlistment?

The Army offers enlistment contracts of two years, three years, four years, five years, and six years. Only a few Army jobs are available for two and three year enlistees (mainly those jobs that don’t require much training time, and that the Army is having a hard time getting enough recruits).

Do I have to pay back my enlistment bonus?

If you receive a bonus, you are on the hook for the term of your contract. You may owe a prorated refund to the government if you are unable to fulfill the terms of your contract. This will be based on the amount of money you have received and how much time remains on your contract.

What MOS works at the Pentagon?

An MOS in intelligence, security, analysis, languages, human resources and even institutional food preparation all are good backgrounds for work at the Pentagon. The Pentagon also boasts a dental office and on-premise medical services if you have a background in either discipline.