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What score is 99 percentile in GRE?

What score is 99 percentile in GRE?

Table 2: GRE Score Percentiles for Test Takers Between 2012 and 2015.

Score Percentile for Verbal Percentile for Quantitative
170 99 97
167 98 93
164 94 87
162 90 82

What score gets 99 percentile in CAT?

You must target a score of 122 (CAT raw score) to be able to enter the 99 percentile bracket. Here’s a table indicating percentile ranges corresponding to sectional and overall raw CAT scores (based on CAT 2021) to help you make a strategy to target the percentile range in CAT 2022.

What percentile is a 320 on the GRE?

80-90 percentile
320 GRE Score is a target of thousands of test takers that appear for GRE in the hope of getting admission to their dream institutions and target programs. It puts you in 80-90 percentile bracket (For details see GRE Score Percentiles).

What percentile is a 306 GRE?

The median (or 50th percentile) Verbal Reasoning score equates to a scaled score of 151, and the median Quantitative Reasoning score is approximately a 154 scaled score. So, if your only goal is to score a little higher than average, aim for a total score above 306.

Can I get 99 percentile in CAT 3 months?

Answer. CAT is all about aptitude, speed and time management. Yes, it is very much possible to score a 99 percentile in CAT in one month if you are one among the cream or if you have an excellent aptitude.

What percentile is 30 marks in CAT?

CAT 2019 Score vs Percentile

CAT Score CAT Percentile
51 32 90
44 27 85
36 21 80
17 30 70

Is a 319 GRE score good?

Yes, a GRE score of 319 is great for applying to an MS program in Electrical Engineering. It will increase your chances of getting into top universities. But remember, your chances of admission will depend on a holistic review of your application. So make sure to work well on other aspects of your application too.

Is 330 a good GRE score for MBA?

Any Score above 325 out of 340 can be considered as a good score in GRE.

Is 340 a good GRE score?

A good GRE score is generally 75th percentile and a 90th percentile is an excellent score. The highest total GRE score you can get on the general test is 340. Thus, anything above the average score of 300, can be considered as a perfect GRE score. However, a good GRE score depends on the institution you are targeting.