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What song did Kanye sample for Jesus Walks?

What song did Kanye sample for Jesus Walks?

Walk with Me
“Jesus Walks” is a song by American rapper Kanye West. It was released on May 25, 2004, as the fourth single from his debut album The College Dropout (2004). The song contains a sample of “Walk with Me” as performed by the ARC Choir.

Who wrote Jesus Walks by Kanye West?

RhymefestMiri Ben-AriCurtis Lundy
Jesus Walks (Album Version (Edited))/Composers

Did James Corden really fly with Kanye West?

Instead the rapper and provocateur took to the skies in a plane with James Corden and more than one hundred members of West’s Sunday Service Choir for a spin on Corden’s “Late Late Show” segment. West has been promoting his new album, “Jesus Is King,” which is a departure from his usual hip hop.

Did ARC Choir get paid for Jesus Walks?

A surprise success for him was the ARC Choir, whose version of “Walk With Me” was sampled by hip-hop superstar Kanye West for his megahit tune “Jesus Walks.” Sprey said he earned enough royalties from the West song “to support 30 of my money-losing jazz albums.”

Who Sampled who Jesus Walks?

Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’ sample of The ARC Choir’s ‘Walk With Me’ | WhoSampled.

Does Kanye own a plane?

Kanye West boards a private plane out of LA… after his estranged wife Kim Kardashian purchased a $95million private jet. Kanye West was seen boarding a private jet out of Los Angeles with the social media personality Justin Laboy.

Did Hype Williams Direct Jesus Walks?

West had wanted Hype Williams to direct “Jesus Walks” but decided not to use the director because he’d heard that Jay-Z was thinking about using Hype for “99 Problems” (ultimately, that video was directed by Mark Romanek).

What song did through the wire sample?

Through the Fire
The song samples Chaka Khan’s 1985 single “Through the Fire” and was released on the last day of September 2003 as the lead single from his debut album The College Dropout (2004).