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What type of character is Yossarian?

What type of character is Yossarian?

As a warrior, he would just as soon be a civilian. Yossarian considers concepts like “courage” and “heroism” to be foolhardy at best and deadly in the end. Initially, the only cause he is devoted to is his own survival; he needs to grow and develop as a character before he thinks of others.

What does Milo represent in Catch-22?

Representing an extreme version of capitalist free enterprise that has spiraled out of control, Milo seems simultaneously brilliant and insane.

What kind of a person is clevinger?

He is a Harvard graduate whom Yossarian characterises as having “lots of intelligence but zero brains”. Clevinger is very unmoving in his own opinions and is further described as such: excessively philosophical, politically a humanitarian, lacking in social tact, and a person of all facts but no passion.

Does Yossarian go crazy?

John Yossarian, the protagonist of Catch-22, is both a member of the squadron’s community and alienated by it. Although he flies and lives with the men, he is marked as an outsider by the fact that many of the men think he is insane. Even his Assyrian name is unusual; no one has ever heard it before.

Who does Yossarian fall in love with?

Why does Yossarian “fall in love” with the chaplain? From the conversation, Yossarian feels like he can make him feel better, he feels pity for him.

What does Catch-22 say about capitalism?

In the infamous words of the O’Jays: “Money, money, money, money mooonaay.” In Catch-22, capitalism functions to maximize profit, and everyone works to increase his share of the profit. Milo shows that everyone, regardless of nationality, race, or gender, responds to money.

How does Milos syndicate work?

At the beginning of the novel, it is merely a system that gets fresh eggs to his mess hall by buying them in Sicily for one cent, selling them to Malta for four and a half cents, buying them back for seven cents, and finally selling them to the mess halls for five cents.