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What was Giacomo Carissimi known for?

What was Giacomo Carissimi known for?

Giacomo Carissimi, (baptized April 18, 1605, Marino, near Rome [Italy]—died Jan. 12, 1674, Rome), one of the greatest Italian composers of the 17th century, chiefly notable for his oratorios and secular cantatas.

Who is Carissimi?

The Carrisimi Group was an Investment firm secretly owned by Charlotte DiLaurentis. It was set up by Jessica DiLaurentis as a way of supporting Charlotte after her husband Kenneth DiLaurentis disowned her while she was still Charles.

Where was the cantata originally developed?

northern Germany
The cantata, as developed in northern Germany in the 17th century, often relied only…

When was Giacomo Carissimi born?

April 18, 1605Giacomo Carissimi / Date of birth
Giacomo Carissimi (1605-1674) was an Italian composer of sacred and secular vocal music. His oratorios and chamber cantatas are of high importance musically and historically. Giacomo Carissimi was born in Marino near Rome and baptized on April 18, 1605.

Who composed Vittoria mio core?

Giacomo CarissimiVittoria, mio core! / Composer

When was Vittoria mio core written?

Vittoria, Mio Core! . 1914.

Who is Lorenzo in PLL?

Travis Winfrey
Lorenzo Calderon is a character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. Introduced in Season 6, he is portrayed by Travis Winfrey.

Who wrote the most cantatas?

Johann Sebastian Bach is perhaps the most prominent and prolific composer of cantatas. At his most productive, he was composing one cantata every week for eight years. Bach wrote both secular and sacred cantatas and developed what is known as “chorale cantata”.

What opera is Vittoria mio core from?

Vittoria, mio core (Amante sciolto d’amore), cantata for soprano & continuo.

Who is Rhys Matthews PLL?

Rhys Matthews is a minor character on Pretty Little Liars. He was employed by Charlotte DiLaurentis to be a decoy for the Liars; without him knowing. He is an employee at the Carissimi Group, which has financial relations with Radley Sanitarium. He has an uncanny likeness to Jason DiLaurentis.