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When did RAF Brampton close?

When did RAF Brampton close?

The station closed at the end of 2013 with large scale demolition of the buildings taking place in 2016 and into 2017. The site is being cleared to make way for housing but some of the buildings and trees on the site are protected. There are plans for between 400 and 500 homes on the site.

Is RAF Wyton still open?

All RAF flying at RAF Wyton ceased on the 25 March 2013. RAF Wyton has continued to operate a small private flying club (Pathfinder Flying Club), from a small grass strip runway within the RAF Wyton land boundary.

When did RAF Wyton Close?

In April 1994 Wyton ceased to be an independent unit and was merged with RAF Brampton, on 2 April 2012 RAF Wyton once again became an individual RAF Station, control of the station transferred from HQ Air Command to the newly established Joint Forces Command (JFC) and Joint Forces Intelligence Group (JFIG) continues to …

What is RAF Wyton used for?

Wyton has been a military airfield since 1916, when it was used for training by the Royal Flying Corps and then its successor the Royal Air Force (RAF). The following squadrons were posted to Wyton between 1916 and 1935: No. 46 Squadron RFC between 1916 and 1916.

When was RAF Brampton built?

In 1955, Brampton Park became RAF Brampton and units began to be located there rather than just personnel. Units included the Central Reconnaissance Establishment, which was formed at Brampton in January 1957.

Can you visit RAF Wyton?

RAF Alconbury was first established as an airfield in 1938 and it remained in use by the United States Air Force until 1995. Public access to both sites is limited, but there is much to see nearby and RAF Wyton has a superb Heritage Centre which can be visited by prior appointment.

Where is Jaric?

The Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC) is based at RAF Brampton, near Huntingdon.

What group is RAF Wittering?

The station is part of No 38 Group. The station commander of RAF Wittering is currently Group Captain Jo Lincoln who assumed command from Group Captain Tony Keeling on 9 August 2019.