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When was cross generating station built?

When was cross generating station built?

Overview. The South Carolina Public Service Authority (SCPSA)(Santee Cooper) Cross Generating Station (CGS) is a coal-fired electric power generating station located at 553 Cross Station Road, Pineville, SC 29648, Berkeley County. CGS began operation in 1983.

Who owns San Juan Generating Station?

Today the plant owners are PNM (66%), Tucson Electric Power (20%), the City of Farmington (5%), Los Alamos County, NM (4%) and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (4%).

How does the San Juan Generating Station produce electricity?

The San Juan Generating Station is a coal-fired electric power plant located by its coal source, the San Juan Mine, near Waterflow, New Mexico, between Farmington and Shiprock in San Juan County, New Mexico.

When was Four Corners Power plant built?

Plant construction: Construction began in 1961. Unit 1 and Unit 2 were completed in 1963; Unit 3 was completed in 1964, Unit 4 was completed in 1969, and Unit 5 was completed in 1970….Four Corners Power Plant.

Units 1, 2 and 3:
Tucson Electric Power 7%
Navajo Transitional Energy Company 7%

Where does New Mexico get its electricity?

Coal and natural gas are the fossil fuels we burn to make electricity in New Mexico.

Where does Farmington NM get its electricity?

In addition to electricity from the coal-fired San Juan Generating Station, Farmington gets power from two natural gas plants, as well as hydropower from Navajo Dam.

Where is Navajo Mine located?

Navajo mine is a coal mine located 30 miles southwest of Farmington, New Mexico on the Navajo Indian Reservation. The mine, operated by the Navajo Coal Company, produces approximately 8.5 million tons of coal per year and is the sole supplier of coal to the Four Corners Steam Plant.

Is Santee Lake SC man made?

Public access is provided through several public boat ramps, Santee State Park, and the Santee National Wildlife Refuge. I-95 crosses this beautiful man-made lake near the Town of Santee.

Is Santee Cooper a man made lake?

Santee Cooper Lakes 42 miles (68 km) of dams and dikes were constructed, including a 26-mile (42 km), 78-foot (24 m) tall earthen dike. The Pinopolis Dam included the hydroelectric station and navigation lock, the highest single-lift lock in the world.

Does New Mexico have oil refineries?

New Mexico has two oil refineries in Artesia and Gallup, which primarily process crude oil from the Permian and San Juan basins, respectively. The state also uses several petro- leum product pipelines to connect the refineries to state and regional markets.

Are there any oil wells in New Mexico?

New Mexico has 57,401 active oil and gas wells statewide.

What’s happening to the San Juan generating station?

The San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) is scheduled to shut down in 2022. Some misled organizations are trying to keep the plant open through unproven carbon capture technology; we’re fighting to ensure closure and a just transition to renewable energy. What’s Happening?

What is the future of the San Juan Mine?

The San Juan Mine, which sells coal solely to SJGS, faces an uncertain future. In a regressive push to keep the plant open, the City of Farmington and San Juan County have made public their intent to attempt to keep the plant open through installation of carbon capture technology. The technology, however, is unproven for this scale and application.

What does PNM plan to do in San Juan County?

PNM plans to build a natural gas peaking station in San Juan County to generate 177 megawatts during high-demand periods, and a 40 MW solar generation station.