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When was the last Delta 4 Heavy launch?

When was the last Delta 4 Heavy launch?

26 April 2021
It is manufactured by United Launch Alliance (ULA) and was first launched in 2004. ULA will retire the Delta IV Heavy in 2024. As of March 2022, three flights remain….Delta IV Heavy.

First flight 21 December 2004 (USA-181)
Last flight 26 April 2021 (NROL-82)

How many Delta IV launches have there been?

Delta IV

Status Delta IV Heavy is active; Delta IV Medium, M+(4,2), M+(5,2), and M+(5,4) retired.
Launch sites SLC-37B, Cape Canaveral SLC-6, Vandenberg AFB
Total launches 41 Medium: 3 M+ (4,2): 15 M+ (5,2): 3 M+ (5,4): 8 Heavy: 12
Success(es) 40 Medium: 3 M+ (4,2): 15 M+ (5,2): 3 M+ (5,4): 8 Heavy: 11

How tall is a Delta 4 rocket?

Shortly before the launch countdown began, the 330-foot-tall (100 meters) shroud encasing the rocket — called the Mobile Service Tower, or MST — rolled away, exposing the colossal vehicle, which stands 233 feet (71 m) tall and measures approximately 53 feet (16 m) wide.

How much does a Delta IV rocket cost?

The future of the Delta IV Heavy in the military market may change, as the Falcon Heavy can loft heavy satellites at what may be a lower cost. In Ars Technica, it was reported in February 2018 that the Falcon Heavy rocket costs $90 million per launch, compared to at least $350 million per launch for the Delta IV.

How much does a Delta 4 Heavy cost?

The announcement drew some reaction on social media, mostly from space industry watchers who know that Delta 4 Heavy launches in recent years have commanded a price tag of about $350 million. To observers, the $149 million price for one mission or $467.5 million for three Delta 4 Heavy missions did not make any sense.

Is Delta IV Heavy human rated?

Delta IV H first- and second-stage engines can be human- rated.

Is Delta IV Heavy reusable?

Falcon Heavy was designed to be fully reusable; however, during its maiden launch its central core crash-landed into the Atlantic Ocean. There’s always room for improvement. On the other hand Delta IV Heavy is a completely expendable launch system, meaning not one part of it can be reused after a launch.

Has India sent man space?

So far, however, the only citizen of India to fly in space is Rakesh Sharma, an Indian Air Force pilot who traveled on a Russian spacecraft in 1984.

Who builds the Delta rocket?

the United Launch Alliance
Japan also launched license-built derivatives (N-I, N-II, and H-I) from 1975 to 1992. More than 300 Delta rockets have been launched with a 95% success rate. Only the Delta IV Heavy rocket remains in use as of November 2020. Delta rockets are currently manufactured and launched by the United Launch Alliance.