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Where are Catalina sailboats built?

Where are Catalina sailboats built?

Every Catalina model is built in Florida now, a consolidation that’s been in the works for some time. In fact, all new Catalinas designed and built in the past ten years were built in Florida.

How many Catalina 30s were built?

Catalina 30

Designer Frank Butler
Location United States
Year 1972
No. built 6430

How many sailboats are made a year?

14,158 total sailboats manufactured in North America per year which creates annual revenue of $719 million. There are 139 North American Manufactures that produce sailboats, which employ 3200 workers.

Is a Catalina 30 a bluewater boat?

Blue water usually means crossing oceans where you might be weeks away from the nearest harbor. If that’s the case then a Catalina might be considered a little underbuilt and not strong enough to withstand huge breaking seas for days on end.

How well does Catalina 30 sail?

42, and relatively low sail area/displacement ratio of 15.1 makes the Catalina 30 a very stiff boat under sail. This is a feature many sailors find comforting. Other than developing considerable weather helm as she heels, the Catalina 30 doesn’t have any particularly disturbing characteristics under sail.

What is a Catalina smile?

For some sailors, there is a common maintenance ritual that occurs every spring—repairing the ballast-hull crack or cracks where the leading edge of the ballast keel meets the hull. This annually reoccurring crack is sometimes referred to as a “Catalina Smile” because it often occurs on Catalina sailboats.

What kind of boat is a Catalina?

monohull sloop-rigged sailboats
Catalina Yachts is a U.S.-based builder of fiberglass monohull sloop-rigged sailboats ranging in sizes from eight to 54 feet in length. It was founded in 1969 in Hollywood, California by Frank Butler .

What are the specs of a Catalina 30?

Catalina 30. Improvements include a re-designed cockpit, an open transom with a boarding and swimming platform, an updated galley and new topside windows. It has a length overall of 29.92 ft (9.1 m), a waterline length of 25.00 ft (7.6 m), displaces 10,185 lb (4,620 kg) and carries 4,189 lb (1,900 kg) of lead ballast.

What year was the last Catalina 30 built?

Disp./Len.: Disp./Len.: Est. Forestay Len.: Hull# 5820+. A wing keel version was available, as was a tall rig. Wing keel draft: 1.17m 3.83′. Last Catalina 30 was built in 2008.

How many Catalina 30 yachts have been sold?

Est. Forestay Len.: With more than 6000 sold, the Catalina 30 is one of the most successful production sailing yachts in history. During the long production run of this basic model there were a great number of variations with standard and tall rig configurations, each with a bowsprit option, and also including shoal, wing and deep fin keels.

When did the Catalina 30 Mark II come out?

Catalina 30 Mark II. This model was built between 1986-1991 and was designed by Gerry Douglas. Improvements include a T-shaped cockpit and a new deck and liner design.