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Where are conservatives on the political compass?

Where are conservatives on the political compass?

While communism and socialism are usually regarded internationally as being on the left, conservatism and reactionism are generally regarded as being on the right.

Who is behind the political compass?

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Where does NDP fall on the political compass?

On the political spectrum, the party sits to the left of the Liberal Party.

Is conservative left or right in Canada?

The party sits at the centre-right to the right of the Canadian political spectrum, with their federal rival, the Liberal Party of Canada, positioned to their left.

Who are the left wing parties UK?

Electorally active parties

  • Alliance for Green Socialism.
  • Breakthrough Party.
  • Communist League.
  • Left Unity.
  • Socialist Equality Party.
  • Socialist Labour Party.
  • Socialist Party of Great Britain.
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Is the British National Party ‘extreme right’?

It’s muddled thinking to simply describe the likes of the British National Party as “extreme right”. The truth is that on issues like health, transport, housing, protectionism and globalisation, their economics are left of Labour, let alone the Conservatives.

Does the chart necessarily depict the positions of all parties?

Given the diversity of political opinion within some parties, our chart necessarily depicts the positions of present party leaders. Should significant policy changes be announced during the campaign, the chart will be updated accordingly.

Is the UK Independence Party the BNP Lite?

The UK Independence Party might be described as BNP Lite, with a more well-heeled social base of generally older hardline Tories unhappy with their former party’s drift in a more socially liberal, Europe-friendly direction. Like the BNP, UKIP is sympathetic to the reintroduction of capital punishment.

What would Jeremy Corbyn do if there is a hung parliament?

Leader Nicola Sturgeon was probably correct in her assumption that, in the event of a hung parliament, Jeremy Corbyn would prefer to cut an idependence referendum deal with her, rather than facilitate another Conservative government. She shrewdly points out that the Labour leader has supported independence movements everywhere else.