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Where are Goulds Pumps manufactured?

Where are Goulds Pumps manufactured?


Seneca Falls, New York, United States Manufactures: industrial pumps for a wide range of services and industries ITT Goulds Pumps 240 Fall Street Seneca Falls, NY 13148
City of Industry, California, United States Manufactures: vertical pumps for power market and other industries ITT Goulds Pumps

Are Goulds Pumps any good?

Goulds Electric Jet Pumps Water pumps are best used to move large amounts of water from one place to another quickly and safely. Goulds Water Pumps make easy work of large tasks. With variable horsepowers and pumping capacity (Gallons Per Minute) available, there’s a Goulds well pump for any job.

Are Goulds Pumps Made in China?

Goulds’ Industrial Products group already had an established presence in China, where it manufactured industrial pumps for sale in the United States.

Where are Goulds submersible pumps made?

the USA
Built in the USA From concept to consumer, Goulds Water Technology is engineered, assembled and tested in America.

Who started Goulds Pumps?

Seabury S. Gould
Seabury S. Gould founded Goulds Pumps in Seneca Falls in 1848. That was an historic year for the Finger Lakes canal town as it also hosted the nation’s first women’s rights convention. Goulds Pumps celebrates its 170th anniversary this year.

What is the warranty on Gould Pumps?

The new warranty is a commitment from Goulds Pumps that its ANSI pumps are the best in the industry and will operate reliably for a minimum of five (5) years. Under the terms of the extended five (5) year warranty, ITT Goulds will repair or replace any failed component(s) free of charge.

Are Gould sump pumps good?

Goulds Pumps is one of the most reputable pump manufacturers, known for consistent, high quality construction, engineering and performance. The Sump Pumps are no exception.

How many stages are in a well pump?

The pump accomplishes the high heads through the use of multiple stages. A “stage” is simply a compartment consisting of a diffuser, upthrust washer, impeller and a bowl. The model highlighted here includes 20 stages stacked on top of each other.

What is the warranty on Gould pumps?

Who makes Gol pumps?

DAB & DWT, VAREM, and JMS are some of the well-known companies working Gol Pumps Technology.