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Where are my phone Contacts?

Where are my phone Contacts?

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app . At the bottom, tap Contacts.

How do I open Contacts in Google?

Here are the steps to access your contacts list from the Google homepage:

  1. Go to the Google homepage and click on the Google Apps icon on the upper right corner. The Google Apps drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Click on the Contacts icon.
  3. And voila! You’ll be in your Google Contacts page.

How do I recover Contacts from Gmail?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your Gmail account via the web.
  2. Click on the Gmail in the top left.
  3. When the dropdown appears, select Contacts.
  4. In the top level navigation, select More.
  5. When the dropdown appears, select Restore Contacts.

How can I see all my Contacts in Gmail?

In the previous version, you could switch to the contacts list by clicking the Gmail menu on the left side of the page, but that method no longer works once you update to the refreshed Gmail. You can now get to the contacts page by clicking the Apps icon in the upper right corner of the Gmail inbox.

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