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Where can I find XMLTV file?

Where can I find XMLTV file?

Where to get an XMLTV guide

  • IceTV (guide data for Australia)
  • Schedules Direct (Canada & US listing data)
  • (info on sources for many European countries)
  • zap2xml (get data from a Zap2It or account)

What is an XMLTV file?

XMLTV is an XML based file format for describing TV listings, which has been introduced in 2002. IPTV providers use XMLTV as the base reference template in their systems, and extend it internally according to their business needs.

How do I set up an XMLTV?

Download and install the latest version of XMLTV GUI. Run “XMLTV GUI”. Click on Tools > Settings….XMLTV GUI Setup

  1. Select your preferred grabber: e.g. UK – Radio Times (14 days free data!)
  2. To change a grabber’s settings click on the grabber and then click on Settings.

How do I download EPG on my home screen?

How to add EPG manually?

  1. Open tab IPTV channels.
  2. Choose Channels.
  3. Focus on the channel and press.
  4. Choose Manage EPG.
  5. Fill in the necessary fields. Channel – choose channel from the list to enable EPG on other channel. Date – set the date for created EPG.
  6. Press Save.

How do I install PseudoTV Plex?


  1. Binary Release. Download and run the PseudoTV executable (argument defaults below)
  2. Docker. The Docker repository can be viewed here.
  3. Building Docker image from source. Build docker image from source and run the container. (
  4. Unraid Install. Add.
  5. From Source. Install NodeJS and FFMPEG.

How do I set up PseudoTV?

PseudoTV Live’s installation process is the same as any unofficial XBMC add-on. First, download the stable master release . ZIP file here. Once downloaded, fire up XBMC and navigate to System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file and browse to the location of the PseudoTV Live plugin .

What is EPG source?

Electronic programming guides (EPGs) and interactive programming guides (IPGs) are menu-based systems that provide users of television, radio and other media applications with continuously updated menus that display scheduling information for current and upcoming broadcast programming (most commonly, TV listings).

What is the XMLTV file format?

XMLTV is a file format for storing TV listings, defined in xmltv.dtd. Then there are several tools to produce and process these listings. Please see doc/QuickStart for documentation on what each program does, and xmltv.dtd for documentation on the file format.

How do I install XMLTV?

It is recommended that users install XMLTV using their preferred package manager. Windows users are strongly advised to use the pre-built binary as installing all prerequisites is non-trivial. For those who want to give it a go, please read the EXE build instructions.

Where can I find the source code for XMLTV?

The instructions can be used for both building xmltv.exe as well as a local install. The source code for the current release can be downloaded as a tarball (or zipfile) from GitHub and extracted to a preferred location. The source code for all previous, current and future releases is available in our GitHub repository:

What programming language is required for XMLTV?

JavaScript is required for this form. XMLTV is a set of programs to process TV (tvguide) listings and help manage your TV viewing, storing listings in an XML-based format. There are utilities to download TV listings for many countries, filter programs and Perl libraries to process listings.