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Which area does South East Water cover?

Which area does South East Water cover?

South East Water is a UK supplier of drinking water to 2.2 million consumers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and is a private limited company registered in England and Wales.

Where does South East water come from?

The Eastbourne groundwater catchment is located in the South Downs National park and extends from the town of Eastbourne to the River Cuckmere. We abstract groundwater from Eastbourne Aquifer before turning it into top-quality drinking water.

Where does my water come from South East Water?

To supply today’s customers, we draw water from more than 250 boreholes, six rivers and six reservoirs. This water is treated at one of our 83 treatment works.

Who owns southeast water?

South East Water (Holdings) LimitedSouth East Water / Parent organization

Are South East Water and Southern Water the same?

No. Your One Bill simply means your South East Water and Southern Water charges will appear alongside each other on a single bill, sent by South East Water. South East Water and Southern Water will remain separate regulated companies, with any price changes occurring with effect from 1 April each year.

Where does the water in Kent come from?

The majority of our supply comes from groundwater (70%), predominantly from the chalk aquifer which is widespread across our region. A further 23% comes from rivers and the remaining seven per cent from surface water reservoirs owned by the company.

Where does Brighton get its water from?

Brighton’s groundwater is produced from the 12 wells owned and operated by the city and is pumped to one of two water treatment plants for filtration and disinfection prior to distribution.

Is South East water contaminated?

Contamination has been found during routine water tests, SES Water has confirmed – and a number of areas in the southeast are at risk. A statement from SES Water said: “We are supporting our most vulnerable customers as a priority.

Are Southern Water and South East Water the same company?

Is South East Water government owned?

South East Water is one of three government-owned retail water companies in Melbourne. We purchase high quality drinking water from our wholesaler, Melbourne Water, and transport it through 9000 kilometres of pipeline.

What’s the difference between Southern Water and Portsmouth Water?

Southern Water is an entirely separate Company to Portsmouth Water and can be contacted on 0845 2720845.

What is the biggest lake in Kent?

Bewl Water is a reservoir in the valley of the River Bewl, straddling the boundary between Kent and East Sussex in England. It is about 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Lamberhurst, Kent….

Bewl Water
Location Kent/East Sussex
Coordinates 51.06997°N 0.39508°E
Lake type reservoir
Basin countries United Kingdom