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Which artist has sold the most albums?

Which artist has sold the most albums?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 257.7 million certified sales. Second is Elvis Presley with almost 207 million sales, followed by Michael Jackson with 169.7 million.

Which artist sold the most albums in 2020?

Pop group BTS have been named the best-selling artists of 2020 by the IFPI, the organisation that represents the global recorded music industry.

Where can I find album sales figures?

The RIAA provides the most comprehensive data on U.S. recorded music revenues and shipments dating all the way back to 1973. This is the definitive source of revenue data for the recorded music industry in the United States.

Who is the best selling artist of 2021?

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) released this Thursday afternoon, February 24th its famous list “IFPI Global Artist Chart” that reveals the top 10 of the best-selling artists of the year worldwide, and BTS tops the list!

How many times Platinum is Diamond?


Certification Minimum Units Date Established
Gold® 500,000 1958
Platinum® 1,000,000 1976
multi-Platinum® 2,000,000 (in increments of 1,000,000 thereafter) 1984
Diamond® 10,000,000 and counting 1999

Which artist has the most platinum records?

Most Platinum

Artist #
U2 12
Alan Jackson 12
Prince 12
Garth Brooks 11

How to check album sales?

Nielsen SoundScan is an information system that tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. Sales data is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.) outlets.

Who sold the most albums?

Elvis Presley — 67

  • The Beatles — 42. The Beatles perform in November 1963.
  • George Strait — 33
  • Garth Brooks — 30
  • Barbra Streisand — 30
  • The Rolling Stones — 28
  • Elton John — 27
  • Neil Diamond — 21
  • AC/DC — 20
  • Alabama — 20
  • What is the best selling album?

    Released on January 10, ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’ is the only album to sell half a million copies in January, making it the best-selling K-Pop album of the month. Notably, the first 500,000 sales were all in just the first week of release, making it the first repackaged album by a fourth-generation K-Pop group to do so.

    How are album sales calculated?

    IFPI’s Global Album Sales chart combines global sales of physical and digital album downloads to rank the top albums of the year. Weekly charts around the world. Below are links to the official weekly charts for some of the world’s biggest music markets. For information on how these charts are compiled or any other details on the local