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Which district is kanhangad?

Which district is kanhangad?

Kasaragod District
Kanhangad, Kasaragod District, Kerala, India | Kerala Tourism.

Who built kanhangad fort?

Somashekara Nayak of
In Kanhangad lies the magnificent Hosdurg Fort, among the legendary chain of forts built by Somashekara Nayak of Ikkeri dynasty. Lying nearby is the internationally renowned spiritual centre, the Nithyanandashram.

Why is Kasargod famous?

The northernmost district of Kerala, Kasaragod is famous for its handlooms and its 293 kilometre long coastline. With its cultural uniqueness, the place is known as the land of gods. Rich in history, Kasaragod is home to the largest and best preserved fort in the State – Bekal.

Is kanhangad urban or rural?

of India for Census 2011, Kanhangad is an Urban Agglomeration coming under category of Class I UAs/Towns. The Kanhangad UA region is situated in state of Kerala. The total population of Kanhangad UA/Metropolitan region is 229,168. The male population of which is 106,569 while female population is 122,599.

How do you pronounce kanhangad?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Kanhangad. k-aa-n-h-aa-g-uh-d. Kan-hangad.
  2. Meanings for Kanhangad. A town located in Kerala, which is famous for its scenic sites.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Poll rush: Health minister set to inaugurate Kanhangad’s …
  4. Translations of Kanhangad. Telugu : కన్హన్గడ్

What is the Pincode of Kanhangad?

Kanhangad/Zip codes

Who built Hosdurg Kotta?

Somashekara Nayaka
Somashekara Nayaka from the Keladi Nayaka dynasty of Ikkeri built this fort. The place is made well known by the Nithyanandasram with 45 caves.

Who constructed Hosdurg Fort?

Somashekara Nayak
One such fort is the noted Hosdurg Fort, one of the many legendary forts built by Somashekara Nayak of the Ikkeri dynasty. It is popularly known as the Kanhagad Fort and invites visitors with its arresting architecture.

What is the population of Kasaragod?

Kasaragod district

Kasaragod District Kanhirakode District
• Total 1,992 km2 (769 sq mi)
Population (2018)
• Total 1,390,894
• Density 698/km2 (1,810/sq mi)

What is the area known as the Cultural Court of Kasargod?

Kanhangad (pronounced [kɑːɲʌŋɑːɖ] ( listen)) is located in the Kasaragod District, state of Kerala, India.

Where is Kanhangad located on the geographic map of Kasaragod?

Kanhangad lies at 12°18′0″N 75°5.4′0″E in the geographic map of Kasaragod. It is a coastal town which has a varied topography with plain areas in the centre of the city.

Is Kanhangad a panchayat or municipality?

Kanhangad which was initially a special grade panchayat was upgraded to a Municipality on 1 June 1984. Kanhangad is a subdistrict in Kasaragod district and the Kanhangad Municipality is in charge of the civic and infrastructural assets of the city.

What is the history of Kanhangad?

The historic region was known as Poozhinadu and later Paduvanadu. However, the history of Kanhangad can be clearly understood only by the 8th century. During this period the area was a part of the 2nd Chera Dynasty. It was one of the 32 Tulu villages under the administration of Payyannur kazhakam of Chera Dynasty.

What is the meaning of Kanjangad?

Kanhangad ([kɑːɲʌŋɑːɖ] ( listen)) or Kanjangad is a major town and a Municipality in the Kasaragod district, state of Kerala, India. The most populous town in the Kasaragod district, Kanhangad is 28 km from the district headquarters of Kasaragod town and 79 km from Mangalore city.