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Which is best car in low price in Pakistan?

Which is best car in low price in Pakistan?

8 Top Low budget Cars in Pakistan

  • Suzuki Alto. Main Features. Price in Pakistan:
  • Suzuki Cultus. Main Features. Price in Pakistan.
  • Suzuki Mehran. Main Features: Price in Pakistan:
  • Hyundai Santro. Main Features: Price in Pakistan:
  • Daihatsu Cuore. Main Features.
  • Toyota Corolla: Main Features.
  • Toyota Vitz: Main Features.
  • Honda City.

Which car is best sale in Pakistan?

Best Selling Cars in Pakistan 2021

  • Toyota Corolla.
  • Suzuki Cultus.
  • Suzuki WagonR.
  • Honda Civic & Honda City.
  • Suzuki Ravi.
  • Suzuki Bolan.
  • Toyota Hilux.
  • Kia Sportage. The new kid on the block, Kia Sportage, made a comeback after 2 decades and has sold thousands of units with their latest model.

Which car is 1000 cc in Pakistan?

Best 1000cc Cars in Pakistan and Its Prices in 2022.

Brand Name Engine Cc
Toyota Belta 1000cc
Suzuki Wagon R 1000cc
Suzuki Cultus 1000cc
Mitsubishi Mirage 1000cc

What is Olx Pakistan?

OLX – Buy and Sell for free anywhere in Pakistan with OLX online classifieds. Sell.

Which car is lowest in price in Pakistan 2021?

Lowest Price Cars in Pakistan | Cheapest Brand New

  • Prince Pearl (Price = PKR 1,586,000/-)
  • Suzuki Alto VX (Price = PKR 1,475,000/-)
  • United Bravo (Price = PKR 1,339,000/-) (Lowest Price Car in Pakistan)
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Which is the No 1 car in Pakistan?

#1 Suzuki Alto In the 2021 calendar year, PSMC sold an amazing 53,887 units of the Alto, making it the number one best-selling car of the year, and possibly of all time in Pakistan.

What is the price of Jimny in Pakistan?

Price List of Jimny

JLSX MT ₨2.14 Million(OTR Price) 4 Seats, 1328 cc, 80.46 hp,
JLDX MT ₨2.29 Million(OTR Price) 4 Seats, 1328 cc, 80.46 hp,

Is Cultus a 1000cc?

Suzuki Cultus – 1.0L (1000 cc) Silver.

Who is CEO of OLX?

Romain Voog
OLX Group is owned by Prosus, the international assets division of Naspers….OLX.

Type Incorporated
Key people Romain Voog (CEO)
Revenue $1.281 billion (2019)
Parent Prosus (a division of Naspers)

Who is owner of OLX?

ProsusOLX Group / Parent organization

Which Japanese car is the best in Pakistan?

12 best Japanese cars in Pakistan:

  • Toyota Vitz:
  • Toyota Aqua:
  • Toyota Passo:
  • Toyota Prius:
  • Honda Vezel:
  • Honda Fit:
  • Honda N One:
  • Daihatsu Mira: