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Which poem by Matthew Arnold is called a Monody?

Which poem by Matthew Arnold is called a Monody?

Thyrsis: A Monody, to Commemorate the Author’s Friend, Arthur Hugh Clough. Among the major Victorian writers, Matthew Arnold is unique in that his reputation rests equally upon his poetry and his poetry criticism.

What is the theme of the poem Thyrsis?

Arnold’s theme in “Thyrsis” is not simply the loss of Arthur Hugh Clough. Rather, the poem is a lament for many kinds of loss: the lost paradise of Oxford, the loss of Arnold’s youth, his and Clough’s lost innocence, and the loss of meaning and direction in the society and culture of his day.

Who is Thyrsis in the poem of the same name?

The 24-stanza poem eulogizes his friend, poet Arthur Hugh Clough, who had died in 1861. Arnold portrays Clough as Thyrsis, a traditional Greek name for a shepherd-poet.

Is Thyrsis an elegy?

The poem is a pastoral elegy lamenting Clough as Thyrsis, recalling his ‘golden prime’ in the days when he and Arnold wandered through the Oxfordshire countryside, their youthful rivalry as poets, and Clough’s departure for a more troubled world.

What Monody means?

Definition of monody 1 : an ode sung by one voice (as in a Greek tragedy) 2 : an elegy or dirge performed by one person.

Who was Thyrsis?

The character, Thyrsis, was a shepherd in Virgil’s Seventh Eclogue, who lost a singing match against Corydon.

How is Elm Tree important in Thyrsis?

Thyrsis is set in the countryside around Oxford, where Arnold and Clough had taken many walks in happier days. An elm tree on a hill came to have meaning for both of them. They agreed that, as long as the tree stood, the “Scholar-Gypsy” was still alive, roaming the Cumnor Hills near Oxford.

Who wrote Thyrsis?

Matthew ArnoldThyrsis / Author

Who created monody?

The Florentine Camerata succeeded in establishing a new genre in music: they created the concept of monody, which was an emotionally affective solo vocal line, accompanied by simple chordal harmony on one or more instruments.

Who said dreaming Spires?

Matthew Arnold
1. “That sweet city with her dreaming spires/ She needs not June for beauty’s heightening.” – Matthew Arnold.

What dilemma does the speaker face in the Scholar Gipsy?

The dilemma is that the speaker can only take one road. While the speaker would like to take both roads, he can only take one.