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Who are the captains of the Philadelphia Flyers?

Who are the captains of the Philadelphia Flyers?

Claude GirouxPhiladelphia Flyers / CaptainClaude Giroux is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre for the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League. Wikipedia

Who was the Flyers first captain?

Lou Angotti
The Flyers’ first captain was Lou Angotti, a 5’9″, 170-pound right-winger who played just one season with the team.

Where is Bobby Clarke?

Clarke and his wife, Sandy, have four children, sons Wade and Lucas and daughters Jody and Jakki. They live in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Who was Flyers captain before Giroux?

Team captains

# Captain Seasons
16 Smith, JasonJason Smith 1 (2007–08)
17 Richards, MikeMike Richards 3 (2008–11)
18 Pronger, ChrisChris Pronger 1 (2011–12)
19 Giroux, ClaudeClaude Giroux 5 (2012–present)

Was Eric Lindros a captain?

Eric Lindros (1994-00) After three captains in three consecutive seasons, Eric Lindros finally brought some stability to the position and served as the Flyers’ captain for nearly six seasons.

Who is the longest tenured Flyer?

Sean Couturier Making his NHL debut in 2011, he’s now the longest-tenured Flyer on the roster and already has an “A” on his chest.

Who is best Flyer player?

1. Claude Giroux. Claude Giroux is, without question, the single most important player on the Philadelphia Flyers.

Who broke Kharlamov ankle?

Bob Clarke’s
Even 33 years later, Bob Clarke’s two-handed slash that cracked an ankle of Russian superstar Valeri Kharlamov in the sixth game of the Summit Series rankles Yakushev.

Which hockey player has lost the most teeth?

Duncan Keith lost seven teeth in all, three on the top and four on the bottom, when the puck came off Patrick Marleau’s stick and hit him square in the mouth. That was with 12:30 remaining in the second period of Sunday’s series-clinching win over the San Jose Sharks.

Did Lindros win a cup?

One of the most anticipated young players to never make it huge, Eric Lindros also never won a Stanley Cup championship. He was the OHL’s all-time leading scorer, passing Bobby Orr in the process. Had Lindros not been hindered his entire career by concussion and injury problems, he might have been higher on the list.