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Who is a sanguine phlegmatic melancholic and choleric?

Who is a sanguine phlegmatic melancholic and choleric?

The four temperaments described individuals as sanguine (optimistic, social, and associated with the element of air), melancholic (analytical, quiet, earth), choleric (short-tempered, irritable, fire), and phlegmatic (relaxed, peaceful, water) (Buckingham, 2002).

What is the temperament test?

A temperament test or certification measures a dog’s reaction or behavior to various elements presented to them such as a stranger, usually of varying degrees ranging from neutral and friendly, to threatening and aggressive.

Are you a sanguine?

The Sanguine Temperament is sometimes referred to as “the talker” personality. Someone with a sanguine temperament tends to be lively, sociable, optimistic, cheerful, and carefree. They love adventure and have a high risk tolerance.

Who is phlegmatic person?

People with a phlegmatic personality are very agreeable. – Phlegmatics could be described as cooperative, considerate, charitable, sympathetic, trusting, and warm. They like to express their feelings, sometimes dramatizing their experience, which is the evidence of high estrogen activity.

Who is a choleric person?

The choleric is the most active of the four temperaments. Choleric personalities are hot, dry, fiery, creatures. At their best they’re ambitious, brave and proud, but they can also be vindictive, deceitful and violent. And without exception, they are irritable and bad-tempered.

What is the Sanguine personality?

Full of Energy – Sanguine people are usually the ones who never seem tired or down.

  • Thrill Seeking – They love adventure and new experiences.
  • Being Social Butterflies – They love being around people and crave the energy of interacting with others.
  • What is a sanguine temperament?

    The sanguine temperament is said to be the most versatile of all four temperaments and is centered toward people with a social and active personality type. They generally think positively and are the extroverted personality types who want social connection. They experience a wide range of emotions and enjoy excitement.

    What are 9 temperament traits?

    Optimistic. Babies born with a Tiger zodiac sign are expected to have personalities that can be optimistic and enthusiastic in everything they do.

  • Independent. As tigers are known to be fearless,your little one may also be brave enough to explore as Tiger babies tend to love freedom.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Overthinker.
  • Cheerful.
  • A trusted friend.
  • What is the Keirsey Temperament Sorter?

    Extroversion – (Expressive)

  • Sensing – (Observant)
  • Thinking – (Tough-Minded)
  • Judging – (Scheduled)
  • Introversion – (Attentive)
  • Intuiting – (Introspective)
  • Feeling – (Friendly)
  • Perceiving – (Probing)