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Who is on the cover of Cruelty and the Beast?

Who is on the cover of Cruelty and the Beast?

Pitt died in 2010 at the age of 73. For the Cruelty and the Beast artwork, Cradle of Filth hired photographer Stu Williamson to shoot nightclub owner and model Louisa Morando, who had previously danced for the band live. The session went well and Williamson captured the raven-haired beauty looking particularly creepy.

How did Cradle of Filth get their name?

According to Dani Filth, the title “represents mankind’s obsession with sin and self… an addiction to self-punishment or something equally poisonous… a mania.” On the subject of the album’s musical direction, Filth told Revolver magazine, “I’m not saying it’s ‘experimental’, but we’re definitely testing the limits …

Who’s the lead singer of Cradle of Filth?

Dani Filth
Cradle of Filth are an English extreme metal band from Suffolk. Formed in 1991, the group originally consisted of lead vocalist Dani Filth (real name Daniel Davey), guitarist Paul Ryan, bassist Jon Kennedy (real name Jon Pritchard), keyboardist Benjamin Ryan (brother of Paul Ryan), and drummer Darren “Daz” Gardner.

What music genre is Cradle of Filth?

MetalCradle of Filth / Genre

What year did cruelty and the Beast come out?

Released on 5 May 1998 by record label Music for Nations, Cruelty and the Beast reached number 48 in the UK Albums Chart. The album was reissued in a two-disc Special Edition by Koch in 2001 and by The End in 2012. A completely remixed and remastered re-release of the album was planned for its 20th anniversary in late 2018.

Is cruelty and the Beast based on a true story?

Cruelty and the Beast is a concept album based on the legend of the Hungarian “blood countess” Elizabeth Báthory. The album features guest narration on certain passages by Ingrid Pitt in-character as Báthory, a role she first played in the Hammer film Countess Dracula in 1971.

What happened to cradle of Filth cruelty and the Beast?

The album while postively received was noted for its poor production by fans, critics and members of the band alike to which a remixed and remastered edition titled Cruelty and the Beast – Re-Mistressed was released in November 2019 and to date is the only Cradle of Filth album to have been remixed.

When does cruelty and the Beast Remistressed come out?

With these issues apparently ironed out, a November 2019 release date for the newly titled Cruelty and the Beast: Remistressed was announced in late August 2019. The album ranked tenth in Kerrang! ‘s list of the top ten “essential black metal ” albums in 2000.