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Who is the main character in The Storyteller?

Who is the main character in The Storyteller?

The main characters in “The Storyteller” are the bachelor, the children, the aunt, and Bertha. The bachelor is the titular storyteller. His fanciful tale entertains and impresses the children immensely.

What is the summary of The Storyteller?

“The Storyteller” is a short story by Saki about a man who tells a group of children in his train carriage a captivating, though somewhat irreverent, story. On a train ride, three children ask their aunt numerous questions, much to her annoyance. She tells them a story, but they find it dry and unconvincing.

What causes conflict between the aunt and the bachelor on the train?

The conflict between the aunt and the bachelor is not resolved because neither of them concedes that there is merit to the other’s viewpoint. The bachelor does not acknowledge that the aunt’s intentions are good. The aunt does not acknowledge that the bachelor helped control and amuse the children.

Who is the antagonist in the bachelor’s story?

The antagonist in this story is two-fold. The aunt must first overcome her nieces and nephews by keeping them engaged on the long train ride, as well as the bachelor who is sitting in their compartment and he suggests he can tell a better story than she can.

Why did the story told by bachelor appeal to the children?

They did not like the common stories as it was boring to them. They felt a ring of truth in his story when he told them that Bertha was less pretty than the children. This immediately made them favour his story to the aunt’s tales of infant lives when he used the word horrible in connection with goodness.

Who is Anya in The Storyteller?

Ania, the heroine of the story within the story, is the daughter of the village baker. Two men vie for her attention: Damian, the arrogant captain of the guard, and Aleksander, an intriguing stranger who emerges just as people start dying and villagers start to whisper of upiórs — the Polish version of vampires.

Who is the antagonist of The Storyteller?

The antagonists of the story are the children. The children are annoying, loud, and questionable. They do not think much about there aunt being a story teller. The protagonists of the story are the bachelor and the aunt.