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Who owns Galt House Hotel?

Who owns Galt House Hotel?

Al J. Schneider Co.
The Galt House Hotel is a 25-story, 1,300-room hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, established in 1972….Galt House.

The Galt House Hotel
Opening 1835 (original hotel), 1972 (current hotel), 2020 (renovation)
Owner Al J. Schneider Co.
Technical details
Floor count 25

How much are the rooms at the Galt House?

1,314The Galt House Hotel, Trademark Collection by Wyndham / Number of Rooms

How old is the Galt House?

50The Galt House Hotel, Trademark Collection by Wyndham / Age (c. 1972)

Does the Galt House have balconies?

Does The Galt House Hotel have rooms with a balcony? Yes, ROOMS WITH PRIVATE BALCONIES ARE AVAILABLE upon request. Please call us at 502.589. 5200 and we’ll be happy to help.

Why is it called the Galt House?

In the early 1800s, the original Galt House was a residence owned by Dr. W.C. Galt on Louisville’s waterfront. In 1835, a 60-room hotel was opened as the Galt House Hotel across the street from the residence at the northeast corner of First and Main.

When did Galt House open?

1972The Galt House Hotel, Trademark Collection by Wyndham / Opened

Does Galt House have suites?

Overlooking the waterfront from the heart of downtown, the Galt House® Hotel is a Legendary Louisville® hotel. In fact, we’re the largest hotel in Kentucky with a rich history that dates back to the 1800s. Today, our world-class hotel features 1,310 contemporary guest rooms and suites.

Does the Galt House have refrigerators?

We do have rooms that include refrigerators and microwaves. We do hope you give us a second chance to make this up to you.

Does the Galt House have microwaves?

The rooms are always clean and comfortable. Amenities are fine, but not a lot of extras. A microwave in the rooms would be great.

Does the Galt House have a gift shop?

As one of the top local hotels in Downtown Louisville, the Galt House® Hotel has everything you need for a fantastic experience, including a variety of on-site local boutiques. The Shoppes offers everything from clothing and accessories to original artwork and Derby souvenirs.

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