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Who was Dr Bethune?

Who was Dr Bethune?

Henry Norman Bethune (/ˈbɛθ. juːn/; March 4, 1890 – November 12, 1939; Chinese: 亨利·諾爾曼·白求恩; pinyin: Hēnglì Nuò’ěrmàn Báiqiú’ēn) was a Canadian thoracic surgeon, early advocate of socialized medicine, and member of the Communist Party of Canada.

What did Dr Bethune discover?

Norman Bethune is most remembered as being the first to introduce the mobile blood bank to the battlefield, where he performed countless blood transfusions in the midst of heavy fighting.

What did Dr Norman Bethune do in Spain?

After a visit to the Soviet Union in 1935, Bethune joined the Communist Party. This commitment took him to the Spanish Civil War in 1936, where he organized a mobile blood transfusion service, the first of its kind, to operate on a 1,000 km front. (See Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion.)

Why does Bethune become dissatisfied in Spain?

Although he had achieved international prominence as a surgeon, he was unhappy in his personal life and deeply frustrated by a failed attempt to introduce medicare to Canada. An uncompromising humanitarian in search of a cause, Bethune became immersed in the Spanish Civil War.

Where is Norman Bethune buried?

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Huabei Junqu Martyrs’ Cemetery, Shijiazhuang, ChinaNorman Bethune / Place of burial
Norman Bethune’s Tomb, Martyrs’ Memorial Park, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Born in Canada in 1890, Norman Bethune is now renown throughout China as a hero of the Anti-Japanese War.

Where did Norman Bethune live?

Norman Bethune/Places lived

How did Norman Bethune change Canada?

Norman Bethune (1890-1939) achieved international renown as a Canadian physician and social activist. He made significant contributions to thoracic surgery, writing manuals and inventing medical instruments, and was an early advocate of government-subsidized healthcare.

When did Bethune go to Spain?

After having practised social medicine in Montreal, Bethune decided to go to Spain in 1936 where the Civil War raged. He created the Canadian Blood Transfusion Service that allowed him to attend to the injured on the front.

Who is Henry Norman?

Sir Henry Norman, 1st Baronet PC JP (19 September 1858 – 4 June 1939) was an English journalist and Liberal Member of Parliament and government minister….Sir Henry Norman, 1st Baronet.

The Right Honourable Sir Henry Norman PC JP
Died 4 June 1939 (aged 80)
Nationality British
Political party Liberal Party

What did Norman Bethune do in ww1?

He is known internationally as a physician who served on the front lines. When still a medical student, Bethune enlisted in the Canadian Army Medical Corps with the No. 2 Field Ambulance on September 25, 1914, and embarked with his unit on October 4, 1914 aboard the SS Cassandra.