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Why did The Beatles say number 9?

Why did The Beatles say number 9?

“And one thing was an engineer’s testing [tape], where they’d come on talking and say [in a robotic voice], ‘this is EMI test series number nine. ‘ So I just cut up whatever he said and I had ‘No. 9”. ‘ ‘Nine’ is-I don’t know, it turned out to be my birthday and me lucky number and everything, but I didn’t realize it.

What Beatles song is 7 minutes 11 seconds long and hit #1 on September 28th 1968?

“Hey Jude” was the first record released on the Beatles’ own label, Apple Records. It sold five million copies in the first six months of its release and became the number one song in 12 countries. The song’s length is unusual — it goes on for 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

Why is Revolution 9?

John Lennon had been messing around with a coda at the end of Take 20 of his “Revolution,” using homemade tapes featuring titles like “Vicar Poems,” “Queen’s Mess” and “Organ Last Will Test.” The motif was a testing tape by an anonymous engineer intoning: “This is EMI test series number nine.” This accidental find was …

Who wrote number 9?

John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Revolution 9/Composers

Who wrote Revolution 9?

Revolution 9/Lyricists

What Beatles song do you play backwards?

The caller asked Gibb about a rumor that Beatle Paul McCartney had died, and claimed that the Beatles song “Revolution 9” contained a backward message confirming the rumor. Gibb played the song backwards on his turntable, and heard “Turn me on, dead man …

What is the name of the 9th Beatle song?

“Revolution 9” song by The Beatles. The in-depth story behind the songs of The Beatles. Recording History. Songwriting History. Song Structure and Style. The Beatles have personally cited many influences that have contributed to individual songs they have written.

What is Revolution 9 by the Beatles?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ” Revolution 9 ” is a sound collage that appeared on the Beatles ‘ 1968 eponymous release (popularly known as the “White Album”). The composition, credited to Lennon–McCartney, was created primarily by John Lennon with assistance from George Harrison and Yoko Ono.

What were the Beatles’ earliest songs?

One of The Beatles’ earliest songs was One After 909. It was originally recorded in March 1963 (that version was released on the Anthology 1 album) and ultimately was re-recorded for Let It Be, the last album released by the band in May 1970. 5. The Beatles’ historic first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show took place on Feb. 9, 1964. 6.

What’s the longest Beatle song?

Paul McCartney and Beatles producer George Martin hated this and tried to keep it off the album. This is the longest Beatles song – it runs 8:15. It also took longer to complete than any other track on album. This helped fuel the “Paul is dead” rumors.