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Why did the drummer leave Status Quo?

Why did the drummer leave Status Quo?

By 1983, having left Status Quo, John decided it was time to put together a new band as a full-time project.

Who was Status Quo drummer in 2009?

Status Quo drummer Matt Letley has quit the band after 12 years. The 51-year-old musician will play his final performance with the group on Wednesday (December 19) at London’s O2 Arena.

How old is John Coghlan?

75 years (September 19, 1946)John Coghlan / Age

Is Rick Parfitt’s son in Status Quo?

Rick Parfitt Jr.
Harry ParfittTommy Oswald ParfittRichard Parfitt
Rick Parfitt/Sons

When did Alan Lancaster leave Status Quo?

Although Status Quo went on to enjoy a degree of success after Lancaster left later in 1985, it was in the pivotal early years during his membership that the group established their reputation.

Is Jeff Rich?

Jeff Rich (born 8 June 1953, Hackney, London) is an English rock drummer, best known as a former drummer for the English rock band Status Quo….

Jeff Rich
Genres Rock
Instruments Violin, percussion, vocals
Associated acts Status Quo, Stretch, Def Leppard, Climax Blues Band, Judie Tzuke

What happened to the original drummer of Status Quo?

Former Status Quo drummer John Coghlan has announced he’s retiring, and will hang up his sticks after a run of dates this year with John Coghlan’s Quo. The final show will be at the annual Quo Convention at Butlins in Minehead, Wales, in September.

Has any members of Status Quo died?

The Status Quo founding member Alan Lancaster has died aged 72, the band’s manager has confirmed. The bassist achieved international success with the group during the 1960s and 70s with hits including Rockin’ All Over the World and Whatever You Want.

Are any of Status Quo died?

Status Quo founding member and bassist Alan Lancaster has died aged 72, the band’s manager has confirmed. Lancaster had several international hits with the group during the 60s and 70s including Rockin’ All Over The World and Whatever You Want. Manager Simon Porter said: “This is such sad news.”

Was Rick Parfitt a good guitarist?

With his flowing blond locks, denim gear and Fender Telecaster, Rick Parfitt was one of rock’s most recognisable guitarists. His partnership with Francis Rossi became the core of Status Quo, one of Britain’s most enduring bands.

Why did Rossi and Lancaster fall out?

Status Quo co-founder Alan Lancaster has blamed the collapse of the band’s Frantic Four lineup on Francis Rossi’s drug addiction. The bassist believes the frontman grew to hate everything to do with the most successful incarnation of the band as a result of his issues.