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Why did the Governor kill the military in The Walking Dead?

Why did the Governor kill the military in The Walking Dead?

Whats the purpose on killing the soldiers, if he can use them as an ally to make a larger woodbury army to fight back against their opponents? He just wanted there stuff and he knew they wouldn’t just give it to him. Honestly its explained in the Book about the Governor.

What happened to the military in The Walking Dead game?

In the end, the military was forced to retreat and pull out of the town as more and more appeared and outnumbered the troops. A military helicopter ended up crashing through the roof of the store sometime later. The pilot inside died and turned in to a walker.

Why did the Governor attack Rick?

In season 4, the Governor attempts to redeem himself upon meeting a new family, to whom he introduces himself as Brian Heriot. However, he commits several brutal acts to ensure the family’s survival. This leads to more characters’ deaths and forces Rick and his group to abandon the prison.

Why does Lily kill the Governor?

The second is Lilly Caul, a character from the comic series. Kirkman revealed that Lilly killed The Governor out of vengeance rather than pity. Lilly is the final character in the series to die at the prison.

Why was Atlanta bombed in The Walking Dead?

The Center for Disease Control building is also based in Atlanta and was attempting to discover a cure for the outbreak. When the city became overrun and the military personnel within became infected, airstrikes were called in, releasing napalm onto the city streets.

Why did the Governor burn down Woodbury?

Why does the Governor burn down Woodbury? There’s a sense of destruction about it that that was the place he built. His hopes and dreams of another future were placed in that community; that was where the new world was going to be formed.

Is the Governor a cannibal TWD?

However, his true motivations are revealed after Gareth forces Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors into train car A. At the beginning of season 5, it is revealed Gareth and his entire community are cannibals. As the result of the actions by Carol Peletier, the group escapes, leaving many casualties of Terminus.

Who kills governor in walking dead?

Lilly Chambler
During the climax of the episode, The Governor is about to kill Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) when The Governor is mortally wounded by Michonne (Danai Gurira) and later shot in the head by Lilly Chambler (Audrey Marie Anderson), who incidentally also kills him in the comics.

What happened to the military in The Walking Dead?

It is implied that the military was quickly overwhelmed by the ZA and unable to offer much resistance. Military tends to have contingency plans for everything. Our experiences with The Walking Dead are rather limited as we are only seeing Virginia and Georgia (comics include Kentucky).

Who are the militia on the Walking Dead?

The Militia is a coalition of survivors from the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hilltop Colony, the Kingdom, and ultimately Oceanside (along with several former Saviors) as a formidable fighting force formed in order to free their subjugated communities from Negan Smith and the Saviors.

What is the Commonwealth Army in the Walking Dead?

The Commonwealth Army is an organization in AMC ‘s The Walking Dead. It exists to protect its citizens from any threats, serving as both a military and a police force within the Commonwealth .

Is there a military base in the Walking Dead Park?

A helicopter was seen and heard in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Torn Apart that stated that any living civilians should head towards the park for evacuation thus it should be assumed that there were at least some military members stationed there. This is further enforced by the fact that a zombified soldier, Callaway, was seen in the area.