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Why does the right side of my stomach hurt when I bend over?

Why does the right side of my stomach hurt when I bend over?

An abdominal hernia happens when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue of the abdominal wall. This may cause pain when you cough, bend over or lift a heavy object.

Does appendicitis hurt when you bend over?

Appendicitis symptoms in children walking bent over at the waist. lying on their side with their knees drawn upward. nausea and vomiting. abdominal tenderness to the touch.

Why is there a sharp pain in my right side when I move?

“Appendicitis, or an infection of the appendix, can be a life-threatening condition. Appendicitis is considered a medical emergency, and surgery is required to remove the appendix.” If you notice pain (especially on your right side), fever, vomiting and loss of appetite, get emergency medical attention.

Does gallbladder hurt when you bend over?

Cramping or dull pain in the upper right part of the abdomen. Radiation of the pain to the upper back or shoulder. Stabbing pain just below the breastbone. Tenderness in the upper or even lower right abdomen when you bend forward.

What does a ruptured gallbladder feel like?

Symptoms of gallbladder rupture nausea and vomiting. sharp pain in right upper quadrant of your abdomen. jaundice, which is a yellowing of the skin and eyes. fever.

Why you may be experiencing right side abdominal pain?

Right Side Abdominal Pain: Common Causes and Other Symptoms.

  • Organs on the Right Side of the Abdomen.
  • Right Side Abdominal Pain: Common Causes.
  • Upper Right Abdominal Pain: Common Causes.
  • Lower Right Abdominal Pain: Common Causes.
  • Right Side Abdominal Pain in Men Only.
  • Right Side Abdominal Pain in Women Only.
  • What causes stomach pain in right side?

    Pain on your right side is a common problem that can be due to a variety of minor to serious conditions. Pain in the right side of your belly (abdomen) is usually related to one of the organs in that area. They include: A blood clot or infection in the right lung also can cause right-sided abdominal pain.

    What causes pain in the lower right side of abdomen?

    Abdominal causes.

  • Inflammatory causes.
  • Other causes.
  • Appendicitis.
  • Normal variation of constipation.
  • Intestinal inflammation (diverticulitis) Diverticula are small pouches that bulge outward through the colon,or large intestine.
  • Urinary tract infection.
  • Ovulation pain (mittelschmerz) or midcycle spotting.
  • Ovarian cyst.
  • Ovarian torsion.
  • What causes constant right side pain?

    Trapped gas. Trapped gas is one of the most common reasons why you could have a sharp aching feeling in your right abdomen.

  • Indigestion. Another digestive issue that could be to blame for your right upper quadrant pain is indigestion.
  • Heartburn. A related condition of indigestion is heartburn.
  • Shingles.