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Why is Kasur called Kasur?

Why is Kasur called Kasur?

Kasur derives its name from the Persian and Arabic word qasur (قصور), meaning “palaces,” or “forts.” Hindu traditions claim that Kasur was founded by, and named for, Prince Kusha of the Ramayana, son of the Hindu deities Rama and Sita.

Is Kasur a Indian?

Kasur, city, eastern Punjab province, Pakistan. It lies on the border of India about 30 miles (50 km) south of Lahore. Traditionally it is said to have been founded by Kusa, son of the legendary Hindu figure Rama. During the Mughal period it was settled by a Pashtun colony and in 1807 was captured by the Sikhs.

How many villages are there in Kasur?

Population of Cities, Towns and Villages of District Kasur according to Census 2017

Serial No Name of City, Town or Village Population Updated in 2017
26 NAROKE MAJAH 19,075
27 BALLOKI 17,550
28 KASUR ( RURAL PART ) 17,322
29 CHAK NO 066 ( DINA NATH 17,127

How many Tehsil are there in Kasur?

The district of Kasur was established in 1976. It has three Tehsils i.e Kasur, Chunian, and Pattoki.

What is the English meaning of Kasur?

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Which is largest district of Pakistan?

Chagai is the largest district of Pakistan by area while Lahore District is the largest by population with a total population of 11,126,285 at the 2017 census.

How many union councils are there in Kasur?

125 Union Councils
The total area of the district is 3,995 square kilometers and Kasur city is the district capital. The district is administratively subdivided into 4 tehsils (Kasur, Chunian, Pattoki and Kot Radha Kishan) and 125 Union Councils.