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Why is my Epson printer not printing ink on the paper?

Why is my Epson printer not printing ink on the paper?

If the ink cartridges are old or low on ink, you may need to replace them. Make sure the yellow tape was removed from the ink cartridge(s) installed in your product. Make sure you’re using paper that meets the product’s specifications. Note: Transparencies and vellum paper are not supported.

How do I fix my Epson printer not printing properly?

To fix your Epson printer not printing issue

  1. Check your printer connection.
  2. Set your printer as default printer.
  3. Update your printer driver.
  4. Check the Print Spooler service.
  5. Clear all print jobs.
  6. Use another program to print your document.
  7. Check the status of your printer.

Why is my Epson printer not printing Black properly?

If the printer is printing black only, the Ink option in the printer driver may be set to Black instead of Color or a setting in the software may be set to print black only. Also, the print head nozzles may be clogged.

How do I run a test on my Epson printer?

To run the test, turn on the printer while holding down the LF/FF button or Load/Eject button. Self test is printed in Draft characters when the LF/FF button is held, or in NLQ characters when the Load/Eject button is held. When using single-sheet paper, load paper in the printer.

When I print some lines are missing?

If your Epson printer is printing out faint images, skipping lines, or is streaking your image with lines, chances are you have a clogged nozzle–a common problem many users have with Epson printers. It’s unavoidable that print heads clog over time as small amounts of ink residue dry up and collect in the nozzles.

How can I test my printer?

How to print a test page from Windows:

  1. Go to Devices and Printers.
  2. Choose your printer model and right click to open drop down.
  3. Click Printer Properties.
  4. Select Print Test Page and click OK.
  5. A test print will be sent to your printer.