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Why is my Facebook Search Not Working?

Why is my Facebook Search Not Working?

Ensure that you are using the latest version of Facebook app. Clear browsing history and cache files if you are using a web browser to access your Facebook account. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the application on your phone.

How do I search for someone on Facebook by location?

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  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap the search bar.
  3. Enter a person’s name.
  4. Tap People.
  5. Tap City.
  6. Enter a city’s name.
  7. Tap the city’s name.
  8. Tap Apply.

How do I find Facebook friends by city 2020?

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  1. Open Facebook in a browser.
  2. Click your first name in top-right.
  3. Click the Friends tab.
  4. Click +Find Friends.
  5. Find Current City in the Search for Friends box.
  6. Enter a city to filter.

What happened to the search button on Facebook?

In the past few days if you have experienced the disappearance of the search bar, then it is likely that you are experiencing one of the following: You have been logged in for too long. The device is lagging due to cookies and cache. Facebook application is not updated.

How do I change Facebook search settings?

To adjust your settings:

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Scroll down and tap Settings.
  3. Tap How People Find and Contact You in the Audience and Visibility section.
  4. Select who can look you up using that info (example: Friends).

How do you find someone’s location on Facebook 2021?

Location Sharing

  1. You or someone on your friends list can open up a chat dialog through Facebook Messenger, by tapping on the four dots found at the bottom left portion of your screen.
  2. Click Location.
  3. From there, just select Share Live Location and your friend will get to see your current location.

Did Facebook change their search?

It turns out, Facebook made a change to how its search functionality works. That change has had the unexpected outcome of some Facebook users — people with verified accounts, like Stevens — seeing a surge in friend requests from random, seemingly fake Facebook accounts.

Did Facebook Get rid of the search bar?

The search bar has disappeared from the Facebook app overnight. Facebook users have swarmed Twitter to air their complaints about the unwelcome changes to the interface. Some have been unable to find individuals they would have needed to get in touch with or learn about the protests taking place in their area.

Is Facebook search not working?

But the most common problem is Facebook Search is not working. This can be a real problem, for obvious reasons, especially for those who use it daily. If you are facing trouble while accessing Facebook Search, read on. You will find a number of fixes for it. Below are the most common solution which may help to access Facebook Search.

How can I find someone on Facebook who is not there?

You can use one of your Facebook friends to find someone who’s not in your friends list but has something to do with this person. Maybe they work or study together, or live in the same city. There are two ways to search for someone using your friends’ friends.

How do I Find my Friends on Facebook who work there?

Under Work you’ll find the people from your friends list who also have the same organization listed as their place of work. Another filter that you can use to search your Facebook friends is University. You can find the people that you went to the same school with by following the path Profile page > Friends > University.

Is it true that Facebook search is completely useless?

Some other people who I know are members aren’t coming up, either. Yep its true, the facebook search funstion is completely useless..