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Are all 904 transmissions the same?

Are all 904 transmissions the same?

Both the 727 and 904 versions of the TorqueFlite are similar in design, although none of the components are interchangeable between the two with the exception of the valve body, though calibration is different.

What did a 904 transmission come in?

Although the cast-iron TorqueFlite three-speed transmission had been available as early as the 1956 300C and Imperial models, a smaller, more economical version, the light-duty TorqueFlite six, or A904, was first released in 1960 for six-cylinder engines.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 904 transmission?

rebuilds range from $400-$2200 dependent upon who does them for you, if they have to R&R the trans, and what components you want installed (i.e. OE or HP).

How much does a 904 transmission weigh?

The AMC 904 weighs 115 pounds, whereas the 727 weighs in at 135-140 pounds, and to keep it inexpensive, the TCI 904 costs around $1,000 compared with the ProFlite that will cost you at least twice that much….

Dry transmission 5 quarts
*Fluid and filter change 4-5 quarts

Is the tf999 a good transmission?

It is rated as a medium-duty transmission, but this has proven to be somewhat of a conservative rating for many users – the 999 has even made its way into rock buggies running high-torque V-6 and V-8 engines.

How much fluid does a 904 transmission hold?


Transmission Fluid Capacity
Transmission (w/ Stock Pan) # of Quarts
GM 4L80E 7.7
Chrysler Torqueflite 727 5
Chrysler Torqueflite 904 5

How much HP can a stock 727 handle?

The 727 is a relatively simple piece when compared to other automatic transmissions, and its strength is a function of that simplicity. We’ve put stock TorqueFlite transmissions behind big-blocks pushing upwards of 600 hp and found they not only survive, but perform quite well.

What is a 727 transmission?

The A-727 is a three-speed transmission that was featured prominently in Mopar cars with larger engine sizes, but it was also used in many other makes as an original equipment item. Most of the other non-Mopar applications are either in work trucks or in high-end performance sports cars.

How long is a 904 transmission?

A-904 (32RH)

Style A E
Small Block 30 3/4 in. 17 7/8 in.

What vehicles have a 32RH transmission?

32RH: The 32RH three speed automatic transmission was used in 1992 to 1995 Wrangler with 4.0L engine and it continues to be used in 1997+ Wrangler with 4.0L engine. 30RH: The 30RH three speed automatic transmission was used in 1992 to 1995 Wrangler & 1992 to 1996 Cherokee with 2.5L engine.