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Are Celestion Greenbacks good?

Are Celestion Greenbacks good?

The speaker sounds sweet, it has a lot of range and the break up is classic 60’s rock warm and fuzzy. Great speaker for my needs and I would say for anyone who has a low Wattage amp and needs range. btw pay attention to the Ohm rating. This speaker comes in a 8 and 16ohm with the same wattage 30W.

Are Celestion Greenbacks made in England?

Celestion G12M “Greenback” 12″ 25W – Made in the UK.

What are Greenback speakers?

The G12M Greenback is the original Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker. Famous for its beautiful break-up and glorious mid-range crunch. An ideal speaker to bring drive and definition to modern high gain amplification.

How do you date Celestion Greenback?

Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (two numbers and two letters), denoting exact date of manufacture. The codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker’s chassis leg, on the front gasket or, in more recent times, on a label on the magnet edge.

Who uses Celestion greenbacks?

Celestion Loudspeakers

  • Jimi Hendrix. Gear:
  • Edward Van Halen. Van Halen.
  • Brian May. Queen.
  • Steve Vai. “Celestion speakers speak honestly and clearly.
  • Slash. “I’ve been using Celestion Vintage 30 speakers my whole career and can’t imagine using anything else.”
  • Joe Perry. Aerosmith, Hollywood Vampires.
  • Angus Young. AC/DC.
  • Tony Iommi.

Which Celestion speakers are made in England?

Celestion NOS G12M ‘Greenback’ 16 Ohm — Made in the UK.

Who used Greenback speakers?

Celestion 25W 16 ohm G12M Greenback Speaker It therefore became a perfect candidate for players who wanted to drive their amps harder in order to achieve heavier sounds, with Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young and Eddie Van Halen among its most famed early proponents.

How do I choose a Celestion speaker?

“When you’re looking at choosing a speaker, the first spec you need to consider is impedance,” says John. “Every amplifier has an output impedance, and the idea is to match that with the speaker(s). Power rating is the other important thing to be aware of.

How do I identify my Celestion speaker?

The codes are added on the production line and are stamped on the speaker’s chassis leg, on the front gasket or for later speakers, printed onto an id label stuck onto the magnet’s edge.

What Celestion speaker is best?

Best Celestion 12-Inch Guitar Speakers

  1. Celestion Blue. Celestion Blue Guitar Speaker, 15 Ohm. $266.19. 12 inch electric guitar speaker available in 8 or 16 ohms.
  2. Celestion G12M Greenback. Celestion G12M Greenback 12″ $197.74.
  3. Celestion Vintage 30. Celestion Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm. $143.00.

When did Celestion stop using pulsonic cones?

The problem is: since the Pulsonic cones supply was cut short by late 1973, RIC label (Celestion made) cones were used from 1973 to 1975.

What happened to Celestion speakers?

In 2006 Celestion ceased to manufacture finished professional audio systems and consumer hi-fi / home cinema products, and now focuses on the design and manufacture of lead guitar, bass guitar, professional audio and sound reinforcement speakers.