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Are Novation synths good?

Are Novation synths good?

Novation are one of the top dogs when it comes to anything music tech related – their range of MIDI keyboards and controllers is incredible, but they also have a few different synths available at the moment – the MiniNova, UltraNova and the Bass Station II.

Is the novation summit worth it?

Again, Novation has delivered an excellent synth – if you’re in the market for a 16-voice hybrid poly, this has to be a frontrunner on your list. MusicRadar verdict: Though the Peak is still great, Summit is even greater. A powerhouse polysynth, perfect for classic sound emulation and design.

Is Novation peak any good?

It’s unlikely that anyone would have thought that the must-have synth of the year was going to come from Novation, but Peak is a very real contender for one of 2017’s best instruments. It’s digital, yes, but the sound design options it offers just can’t be had for the amount of money Novation is charging.

Is the Bass Station II the best Mininova alternative?

The Bass Station II is different to the MiniNova and UltraNova as it’s a proper analogue mono synth. It combines old-school sounds with new-school practicalities. If you just want classic bass synth sounds, then it can definitely handle that.

How many oscillators does the Novation Bass Station II have?

The Novation Bass Station II has three oscillators, one of which is a sub oscillator that delivers thick, analogue bass tones. However, if you’re looking for lead and arpeggio sounds, you’ve got that too, plus all the options are nicely laid out making playing and tweaking your sound easy.

What is the difference between the Novation MiniNova and Ultranova?

The Novation MiniNova and UltraNova are quite similar so it’s best to compare these two together and then take a look at the Bass Station II. The MiniNova is essentially the younger brother to the UltraNova.

What filters does the Bass Station have?

The Bass Station has an all analogue single path, including the effects section, and has two filters that give a different flavour of sound; ‘Acid’ and ‘Classic’.