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Are ORI Struts air shocks?

Are ORI Struts air shocks?

With a weight capacity up to 1,900 pounds, ORI’s STX struts are ideal for rock crawlers and other lightweight vehicles. Conventional air shocks are typically set to a low ride height to prevent push-off, but then bottom-out quickly over bumps because of the low ride.

Where are ORI Struts made?

Bowdon, Ga.
ORI Struts are made in a specialized machine shop in the town of Bowdon, Ga., located just west of Atlanta.

What is an Ori suspension?

Off-Road Innovations — ORI — Struts are designed to keep you going. Our unique, nitrogen-filled long travel suspension systems are conceived, designed and built to help you take on the dunes, rocks, deserts and hills that you encounter.

How do you mount ORI Struts?

How Do You Set Up and Tune an ORI Strut?

  1. Mount the struts on the vehicle uncharged (full compression).
  2. Pressurize the lower chamber to 100 PSI. (the struts will not move).
  3. Pressurize the upper chamber until the vehicle raises to ride height.
  4. Set the lower rebound adjustment dial in the middle position.

Do Ori struts need limit straps?

I’d also recommend using limit straps for the same reason. When ORI struts are properly adjusted, you can eliminate the need for a sway bar. When selecting limit straps you need to inspect the suspension and drivetrain under your 4×4 very closely.

How do you adjust Ori?

To adjust the ORI valve, remove the cap and turn the adjust- ment screw with the proper size hex wrench (1/4” for ORI-6 and 5/16” for ORI-10). A clockwise rotation increases the valve setting while a counter-clockwise rotation decreases the setting.

How far do limit straps stretch?

Limit-Strap Length Limit straps are designed to stretch about 5 to 10 percent of their total lengths. The shocks should never be allowed to “top out” metal-to-metal, so adjust the threaded upper clevis a little on the tight side.

What is the point of limit straps?

Limit straps are vital in custom suspension setups helping to prevent damage to suspension and drivetrain components. Without limit straps, the force of your vehicle’s unsprung weight can cause damage to shocks when jumping or at high speeds over rough sections. Limit straps can also prevent damage to your CV joints.

What are ori struts?

Current Lead times: ORI Struts are a popular with custom Jeep builders, full tube frame rock crawlers, rock racers, desert racers, full sized mud trucks, and now UTVs, ORI truly offers a versatile product! ORI offers stroke lengths ranging between 8-20 inches in travel, and gives you the option to choose from a variety of custom anodized colors.

What is the stroke length of an Ori strut?

ORI offers stroke lengths ranging between 8-20 inches in travel, and gives you the option to choose from a variety of custom anodized colors. How to setup and tune ORI Struts ORI Struts Setup and Tuning Procedure

What is the cancellation policy for Ori STX struts?

If the order is cancelled, for whatever reason, after having been reviewed, approved, and processed, a 15% cancellation fee will apply. We currently have a small quantity of ORI Struts in stock and available for immediate shipment. For in stock strut purchases, please visit: ORI STX Struts In Stock

Who has the shortest lead time on Ori’s STX struts?

Jensen Bros. has the shortest lead times on ORI’s STX struts, free shipping and factory trained tech support. If you are looking for a stable, compact, lightweight, and heavy duty suspension solution, you’ve come to the right place.