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Are Sundowner horse trailers good?

Are Sundowner horse trailers good?

When it comes to horse trailers, Sundowner has made a name for itself as one of the best and most reliable brands around. With an extensive line of trailers including living quarter, livestock, car haulers, and more, Sundowner has been manufacturing top-quality horse trailers for over 30 years.

How much does a sundowner 2 horse trailer weigh?

Empty Weight: 2435 lbs. GVWR: 8050 lbs.

What is a 2 plus 1 horse trailer?

What is a 2+1 Gooseneck Horse Trailer? This 2+1 horse trailer design has been gaining popularity among horse owners over the last several years. It is a gooseneck horse trailer with two straight load stalls in the rear of the trailer with a third box stall towards the front.

Are Sundowner Trailers all aluminum?

We offer an endless array of all aluminum models to satisfy every user’s needs and strive to produce trailers at affordable prices without sacrificing the Sundowner quality that customers expect.

Are Sundowner horse trailers aluminum?

The Sundowner Super Sport is an all aluminum slant load horse trailer designed for versatility. This gooseneck trailer is available in 2 to 6 horse.

How does a 2 1 horse trailer work?

2+1 gooseneck trailers have two horses loaded straight into the rear of the trailer with one horse standing freely in a forward ‘box’ stall. The rear horses are reliant on chest bars to secure their position and provide a balancing point in case the driver needs to brake suddenly.

What is a box stall trailer?

Johnson’s most recommended method of equine travel, the box stall spans the entire width of the trailer and allows the horse to move freely without cross ties.

Who makes Sundowner horse trailer?

Living Quarter Sundowner is one of the very few trailer manufacturers that produces both trailers and living quarters within the same company plus at the very same facility — which gives owners and dealers one point of contact for service and warranty.

Who manufactures Sundowner horse trailers?

Horse Trailer Manufacturer : Sundowner Trailers, Inc. – New and Used Sundowner.

Where are Sundowner horse trailers made?

Elkhart, Indiana
The Living Quarters are manufactured and installed in Elkhart, Indiana, by Sundowner Interiors Inc, which is expanding from 43,000 sq ft to 76,000 sq ft.

Why choose Sundowner horse trailers?

So whatever direction you’re headed, let Sundowner take you there. For over 40 years Sundowner has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of horse trailers. Safety for Sundowner users and their precious cargo has always been our number one priority.

Why choose Sundowner?

As the premier manufacturer of horse and livestock trailers, Sundowner offers uncompromising value, ease of maintenance, customized designs and a broad dealer network with first-rate customer service.

Is the charter tr SE 2+1 a good Sundowner?

The Charter TR SE 2+1 is built with the same quality and standards that people have come to expect from a Sundowner. *All dimensions are approximate. Photos may show options.