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Are used reel-to-reel tapes worth anything?

Are used reel-to-reel tapes worth anything?

Most of what you’ll find is flea-market quality. If they’re AMPEX professional recording studio reel to reel, e.g. AMPEX 440 2-track or bigger, then yes…. these are worth upwards of $2500. With professional recorders, you can still buy AMPEX 456 1/2 inch, 1″ and 2″ mastertape.

Can you still get reel-to-reel tapes?

Currently, only two companies consistently produce reel-to-reel audio records, one in Pennsylvania, and one in France, so the pickings are pretty slim if you’re looking for something brand new. Some more robust local libraries and archives still possess these recorders, but again, they are fairly few and far between.

How do you convert reel-to-reel tape to digital?

Reels of audio tape can be transferred to a computer with a stereo cable. An old reel-to-reel tape deck with a pair of stereo output jacks can be connected to a computer or laptop for creating digital copies of the analog tapes on the reels.

Is reel-to-reel better than vinyl?

But to take this audio debate even further, reel-to-reel is often considered an even better audio alternative than vinyl when played at 7½ inches per second versus vinyl at 45 rpm.

Why do you bake tapes?

Baking the tape at low temperature may temporarily restore the tape by driving the water molecules from the binder so that it can be safely copied to another tape or a different format. After baking, the tape may remain in good condition for approximately a month.

Does reel-to-reel sound better than CD?

The Cd copy is just the opposite.. compressed, distorted and the extremes of frequency can be easily heard hitting a brick wall with a lack of detail and balance. The vocals are mish mashed together and all that is pleasant in the open reel copy is absent from the Cd copy.

Where to buy reel to reel tape?

Where To Buy Used Reel to Reel Recordings Online Of course, there are other ways to buy pre-recorded tape. You can always check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even eBay.

How does one buy reel to reel tapes?

Gary Word has a good idea based on hundreds of sales – buyers who had reel-to-reel equipment at their peak of popularity in the 60s, 70s and 80s. They have, in many cases, boxes of tapes stashed in closets or the basement. If they kept their reel-to-reel deck, it probably doesn’t work, after years of disuse.

How to recycle old reel to reel tapes?

If you can’t recycle VCR tapes,you could sell them online to the highest bidder.

  • You can also get rid of them by bringing the buyers to you via a yard sale or a Craigslist ad.
  • While the stores that used to sell and rent VHS tapes are mostly out of business,you can still find music stores that might be interested in trading a VHS
  • How do you transfer reel to reel tapes to computer?

    Reel to Reel Tapes To CD, Flash or Hard Drive. Reel to Reel to Digital Transfer Services can convert your Reel to Reel tapes to CD, Flash Drive or Hard Drive and preserve them for a lifetime. Using our hi-tech software and powerful studio equipment, we can also cleanup, as well as drastically improve and enhance the sound of your transfers. Track Configuration- Any 1/4″ tape in mono, stereo or 2 track format.