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Are Volvo buses operating in Bangalore?

Are Volvo buses operating in Bangalore?

BMTC’s air-conditioned Volvo buses might soon stop operating in Bangalore and be handed over to the state’s other transport services.

Is BMTC available in night?

Around 200+ buses are organised for the bmtc night bus service within the entire city. The drivers and conductor will be arranged as per their shift and will appoint few drivers for the complete night shift. The night shift of the driver will start around 10 pm and work till 3:30 am.

How many Volvo buses are there in India?

Over 6,000 Volvo buses operate on Indian roads, providing the best travel experience in terms of safety, luxury and comfort to people. Volvo coaches today connect major cities across India.

Are AC buses running in Bangalore?

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has been running only 200 air-conditioned (AC) buses in the last few months, whereas the remaining 660 units of its 860-strong AC bus fleet have not been operated since the imposition of the pandemic-induced lockdown in March last year, sources said.

Is BMTC buses running today?

Yes, BMTC is running buses completely after lockdown from 21 June 2021 with Covid-19 guidelines.

How to find BMTC bus routes in Bangalore?

No ugly options to choose before you click the bus search button. Just enter your desired Bangalore address and click “Get Buses”. will filter the best BMTC bus search results and show you the top BMTC bus routes. Our most innovative BMTC bus route search feature is Indirect BMTC bus routes.

What is the distance from ITPL to Thubarahalli and Cantonment?

Distance from ITPL to Cantonment Railway Station is 19 KM. Distance from ITPL to J. P. Nagar is 24.8 km and takes around 1 h 1 min via outer ring road. Distance from ITPL to Thubarahalli, Whitefield is 7.3 km and takes around 28 min via SH 35 and Old Airport Road/Varthur Road.

How to reach Vajra BMTC (AC services) in Bangalore?

The Vajra BMTC (AC Services) has Bus routes operating across Bengaluru including: Airport, Sudhama Nagar, Moodalapalaya, Vijayanagara, Chandra Layout, Bengaluru, Atti Guppe, Sir.C.V.Raman Nagar, Padmanabha Nagar. The longest line from the Vajra BMTC (AC Services) is: V-226N.

How do I reach Dommasandra from ITPL?

Distance from ITPL to Dommasandra, Bengaluru is 15.4 km and takes around 31 min via Whitefield Main Rd and SH 35.