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Can electric fireplace inserts be replaced?

Can electric fireplace inserts be replaced?

Electric fireplace inserts can be replaced as needed by first removing the existing electric insert. The replacement electric fireplace insert will need to be the right dimensions to fit, and professional help may be required if it needs wiring into the electrics.

Why did my electric fireplace stopped working?

Electric Fireplace Won’t Turn On Now, check for faulty wiring. Some electric fireplaces have a built-in fuse box (refer to owner’s manual). Replace any burnt out fuses if applicable. When the remote doesn’t work (and the batteries aren’t dead of course), the problem usually lies with the circuit board.

How do I replace a fireplace insert?

Here are the steps to replace your fireplace insert:

  1. Turn off the electricity and gas.
  2. Take off the insert’s doors.
  3. Take off the trim.
  4. Disconnect any hookups.
  5. Slide the insert from its position.
  6. Prepare the new insert.
  7. Connect the power source and vents.
  8. Add embers and logs.

Are all inset electric fires the same size?

Are all Inset Fires the Same Size? The standard size for most inset fires is 410mm x 560mm (16in x 22in). This is also the size of the opening cut into many fireplace back panels.

How do I contact Dimplex?

Should you require after sales information or assistance with this product please go to where you will find our self help guide by clicking on “After Sales” or ring our help desk on 0845 600 5111 (UK) or 01 842 4833 (R. O. I.).

Why does my Dimplex Opti Myst fire keep cutting out?

The mist cuts out intermittently -Firstly, please check that there is sufficient water in the sump and that the sump fan is turning freely. -Check that the transducer is seated correctly in the sump and that the fan filter is positioned correctly.

How long does a fireplace insert last?

However, when properly maintained, a fireplace insert can last 20-30 years or more, making them a great investment in the future of your home.