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Can EU PS3 play US games?

Can EU PS3 play US games?

You don’t need any hacks to do that, PS3 is completely region free, will play all games.

Is the PS3 region locked for PS3 games?

All PlayStation 3 games, except for Persona 4 Arena and Way of the Samurai 3, are region free.

Can you play us PS3 games in UK?

PS3 games are region free, movies are region coded. and as PS3 automatically chooses output format, only thing you need to have is Pal compatibile TV.

Is PS3 region free for games?

Though the PlayStation 3 is not locked by any particular region, meaning a Japanese PS3 should play European titles, there is one caveat as far as technology is concerned.

Can NTSC PS3 play PAL games?

Can a ps3 play pal DVDs? No. PS3 games aren’t region coded and are not PAL or NTSC but DVDs are and some Blu-rays are region coded but a lot aren’t, and they aren’t PAL or NTSC either.

Can US PS3 Play PAL PS1 games?

No, a NTSC PS3 will not play PAL PS1 discs.

Can you play PS3 games from different region?

All the PS3 games are region free. That means it dosent mater where you bought the console, or where you buy your games, they will all be combatible. There are a few things to be aware of though. First the games still exist in PAL, or NTSC versions.

Can Japanese PS3 play American games?

PS3 games are region free. You can play Japanese and US blu-ray movies as well, but you cannot play any US PS2 or PS1 games. You can only play Japanese PS2 and PS1 games on a Japanese PS3.

Does US PS3 work in Europe?

Yes you can. You just need to get a power adapter or new power cord. I am using my American bought PS3 in London. You don’t need a power adapter.

Can PS3 play PAL PS3 games?

What is PAL PS3?

PAL uses a higher resolution but outputs video at roughly 50fps. There are TV sets though, that are able to support both NTSC and PAL so you should check if your TV is one of them. The best way to eradicate the problem with incompatibility is to use an HDTV that no longer follows the standards imposed by NTSC and PAL.