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Can I take the WorkKeys test online at home?

Can I take the WorkKeys test online at home?

WorkKeys offers additional assessments to measure interests, values and behaviors that can lead to greater job satisfaction. Most tests are web-based and take one hour. Scores are easily verified online.

Can you use a calculator on WorkKeys?

Can you use a calculator on the WorkKeys? Yes, 4-function, scientific, or graphing calculators are acceptable to use on the Applied Math section of the test.

Do you get a formula sheet for the WorkKeys test?

The test involves setting up and solving the types of problems and doing the types of calculations that actually occur in the workplace. It is designed to be taken with a calculator and a formula sheet, as both would be available on the job. There are five skill levels, ranging from Level 3 to Level 7.

Can I use a calculator on the WorkKeys test?

Examinees are encouraged to use a familiar calculator, but all problems may be solved without a calculator. Calculators may only be used on the mathematics test, including ACT WorkKeys Applied Math. Sharing calculators during the test is not permitted.

What is a good score on WorkKeys?

If your lowest level score is 3 then you qualify for Bronze, 4 qualifies you for Silver, 5 for Gold, and 6 for Platinum. You must score a 3 or higher on each core assessment to qualify for a certificate.

How long are WorkKeys scores valid?

They are available for five years following the completion of an assessment and there is no limit to how many can be ordered. Additionally, test takers can pick and choose which assessments they want to show on their transcripts to their employers or potential employers.

What kind of math is on the ACT WorkKeys?

WORKKEYS Applied Math Assessment (34 items, 55 minutes) Solving math problems using one mathematical operation. Calculating customer order totals and correct change. Identifying necessary and unnecessary information within a word problem. Adding commonly used decimals, fractions, and percentages (such as .

How to get my ACT WorkKeys scores?

Interests are broken down into six different scales,with the scores ranging from 20-80 in each scale.

  • Higher scores in a particular scale indicate a stronger interest in that area.
  • Fit scores are used by employers to determine how well a candidate fits into their corporation.
  • Results are combined into a Fit Index.
  • How important is the ACT WorkKeys?

    – Evaluating whether something is relevant to the situation at hand or a distraction – Determining the best course of action with incomplete information – Understanding the implications of a particular procedure or process – Prioritizing and applying principles in order to reach a specific outcome

    Where to find Act practice tests?

    You will be asked to create a MyACT account to access the free online ACT practice test. Whether you’re on the fence about buying prep or you just want to see what we’re all about, our free online test prep and events—hosted in partnership with Kaplan—are a great starting place. Want more ACT test prep?

    What is an ACT WorkKeys job profile?

    Benefits. ACT WorkKeys® assessments are the cornerstone of ACT workforce solutions.

  • Assessments. The Applied Math assessment measures critical thinking,mathematical reasoning,and problem solving techniques for situations that actually occur in today’s workplace.
  • Administration.
  • Scores.
  • Validity Evidence Report