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Can I wear ALEX AND ANI in water?

Can I wear ALEX AND ANI in water?

Answer: It’s not recommended that you wear Alex and Ani bracelets in the shower, while swimming, or while doing other physical activities. Moisture will increase the speed at which your bracelet oxidizes. If it does get wet, pat it dry with a cloth and make sure all moisture is gone before storing it.

Why did ALEX AND ANI fail?

According to Forbes, Alex and Ani’s sales fell precipitously during the COVID-19 pandemic, dropping from an estimated $US400 million in 2019 to $US240 million in 2020. Staff had halved to 524 employees and the business was saddled with more than $US150 million in debt.

Is ALEX AND ANI in trouble?

CRANSTON, R.I. (CBS) — Jewelry company Alex And Ani has filed for bankruptcy. The Rhode-Island based business was founded in 2004 and its charm bangle bracelets became extremely popular. But it expanded quickly and faced financial problems in recent years.

Can you shower with ALEX AND ANI jewelry?

Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores or using abrasive cleaners.

Do Alex and Ani rings turn finger green?

With the copper plated Alex and Ani, I do not turn green, however I have 2 pieces (out of my 9) which have corroded and the copper shows through. Alex and Ani has said that this has not happened in their past, but I am proof it does. I love that I do not turn green, but it’s hit or miss with the silver finish.

How do I get my Alex and Ani bracelet to shine again?

Simply rub the piece between the two interior cloths to restore its natural shine. If your Rafaelian or Shiny Finish jewelry requires further cleaning, dip the piece in mild soap and water and gently wipe with a soft cloth. After wiping, rinse in fresh water and pat dry.

Can I wash the Alex and Ani cloth?

Made from 100% cotton flannel, the soft cleaning cloth is reusable. No need to use cleansing agents: simply rub the piece between the two interior cloths to restore the natural shine of each piece. Do not wash.